The next step in the federal takeover

This is the next step in the federal takeover. Even private schools are about to be nailed. Please read this article on what Lamar Alexander is doing and then take the action below.

Then read this one for a list of items from the legislation itself.

We already know the feds want to phase out the authority of the states. They’ve published it here:

ACTION: Contact Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch, and your representative and tell them NO WAY ON Lamar Alexander’s reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB (elementary and secondary education act/ No Child Left Behind). Ask them to DEAUTHORIZE and DEFUND all federal education programs and the Dept. of Education.

Ask them to support David Vitters bill (S 73): “A bill to prohibit the Federal Government from mandating, incentivizing, or coercing States to adopt the Common Core State Standards or any other specific academic standards, instructional content, curricula, assessments, or programs of instruction.” (click to track the bill)


The solution to failed government programs is always “we just need a little more control.” That’s incremental socialism and how total government comes about. Total-itarian. Total control.

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