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Here are the results of the teacher survey from the past week asking Utah teachers to weigh in on the problems with Common Core. Obviously, most teachers do not wish to have their names appear publicly. These appear in the order they were received. Click here for Part 2 of these comments.

CommentGrade TaughtIf AdministratorCountyName
Common core was forced down our neck with no input.  As a teacher we have to like it or a jobs are at stake.  It takes the ability away from teachers to actual teach.  Teachers are being threatened with lack of funds which in turn means lack of money= less teachers8thUtah
I am most concerned about who has put together the common core.  They have started with math and reading but have designs to push their socialist agenda onto our children when they add the science and social studies components of common core.  The math standards teach a  “fuzzy math” that makes it hard for parents to be able to assist their children with math, making the parents seem weak to the children. Children then learn to trust the school more than home. There are no benefits to the “new” math, in fact it slows the learning by teaching children four or more ways to get the same answer.Assistant PrincipalSalt Lake County
I oppose the Common Core, not because I think in theory that it is a bad idea, but because I believe that it has many flaws in its approach and implementation.High school juniors and seniors.
It is a big mistake to call it common but then be the maverick state to not follow the traditional courses in math. Following the international model is sure to mean we are last on the list to have publishers and others develop worthwhile materials. I don’t have time to develop high quality materials and teach also.  Further, the CC is not really new and improved. It is a revamping of the investigation philosophies some have been trying to push for years now. Students need quality instruction, not meaningless trial and error.junior highUtah
I oppose CCSS because they are imposed on teachers to impose on students rather than encouraging teachers to address the needs of each student and respond creatively to those needs.Davis County
Greater centralization will result in inefficiency and waste. It will result in poorer student performance.  It will lead to encroachment on the freedom to homeschool. It will create databases which are expensive and dangerous to personal liberty. The standards do not promote individuality, liberty, or excellence or greatness in education. The centralization will make it harder for parents to become involved, so less will become involved.  That will hurt the education of children more than anything else.Homeschool Co-op ages 11-14Utah CountyCody Nelson
I think I do my best teaching when I can create the way the content is presented.  Common Core standards are so specific that there is little leeway to do that.3rdCache
It was presented dishonestly to us, we had no say, it is confusing to parents and to me, it promotes a certain political agenda, it is dumbing the kids down more than they already are because of ‘no child left behind’, it takes away states control, it is not working…my kids are NOT learning necessary tools to succeed6salt lake
I opposed Common Core Standards and assessments because they are poorly considered.  The language standard is based upon whole language methods which have a long history of being ineffective and even harmful to developing language skills.  The math standards are likewise proven faulty.  Other standards in Literature, Handwriting, etc. are not based upon sound reasoning.  I fully accept that individuals may use these systems if they disagree with me.  I do not see that one viewpoint should be imposed universally.  The decision about education content, standards and methods would be better accomplished on a more localized and individual level than it is now, not on a more centrist level.  Government agencies have not been demonstrated to manage education well and have no right engaging in the kind of tracking, evaluation and directing of students that has been proposed.I have taught preschool, Kindergarten and all elementary levels.Utah County
I oppose central control, period. I cannot imagine ANY group, committee, etc., however benign, making decisions for the entire nation. Local control should be just that, local.junior high, retiredUtah County
It takes away our local and state rights to decide what our children will be taught.  I believe it is the key lynchpin in turning our constitutional republic into a managed economy (socialist or communist government)!5Utah
Reading under the Common Core is very boring for both the student and the teacher.  The students read for a few minutes and then are tested (constantly).  I love reading but I hate this approach.  There is no chance to get into the story and really enjoy learning to read.  Math has been made into a complicated mess, for example rather than carry the 10 over into the 10’s column, the student must rearrange the numbers into 10’s and ones and then add.  This confuses the student and isn’t necessary.  I especially hate that the testing is based completely on the Common Core.Retired fourth grade teacherMillardBarbara Nickle
privacy issues; too much testing; too much indoctrination; math is arbitrary and haphazard in intro of ideas and execution; much curriculum is age inappropriate-some too advanced, some too easy, again it is haphazardseveralWeber
These are beyond Federal level standards and being used as a stepping stone for international standards. Common Core is another move toward creating a global work force that is not liberty-minded. It moves the role of family, parents and local community away from the individual.12th Grade, High SchoolUtah
The federal government should have no role in public education. The larger the institution, the less voice individual parents and teachers have.UniversityDavisVincent Bates
1. Less classic literature.  2. Nontraditional math 3. No voice for teachers  4. Constitution violated4thWasatch
It dumbs kids down, puts us behind schedule where we were, removes local control, eliminates creativity, omits important curriculum like cursive writing & classic literature, it forces “fuzzy math” based on common consent as opposed to fact-based math on individual merit, it was signed onto outside of proper legislative procedures & without public input. It is Socialized education, one size fits all and it doesn’t fit. It will only serve to harm our kids’ education, not improve it.K – 5Davis
I oppose MANY things prior to this and this is just another BIG step in the wrong direction.  I’m pretty radical.  I don’t believe our neighborhood schools need district people at all.  We all have computers now and these positions are outdated.  I get more help from colleagues and think ONE each year should get the SALARY of a principal and rotate WHO does that from year to year.  NO district “help” – all they do is get in the way and BOTHER teachers in the end.  They’ve become a pain.  We can find all the conferences we want to go to.  Just give us THEIR paycheck money and take away ANOTHER big, growing, unnecessary “gone wild” institution.  I’ve read enough on my own about common core and they are the ones being SHEEP and forcing this on teachers who know their OWN LESSONS do a better job – PERIOD.Retired – taught special education and quit because I couldn’t STAND being in the schools and being ordered around like a peon.  If they continue this way – they need high school grads to take our place.  All that education is hardly needed with dictatorsCanyons DistrictSusan Wilcox
The loss of literature and creative writing as part of the Language Arts core curriculum, and the infusion of intrusive questioning about our children’s personal lives under the guise of demanding them to write argument papers exclusively.7-9Utah
These so called standards actually lower educational standards and subvert fact based curriculum by rewriting traditional information to a socialist agenda and manipulating test answers to that end.SixthWeber
It gives too much control to the federal government and makes it virtually impossible to make changes locally when needed.SecondSalt Lake County
I am a second grade teacher who is now being forced to teach the Common Core.  It is so frustrating. This was forced upon us with no preparation. We meet every Friday afternoon to learn about the Common Core yet we do not get to question it.  Some questions we have is the flow of the Common Core.  We are told we are not to review. You only teach your standards so if a child is not ready for that standard they do not get to review the standard.  An example is Money is only taught in the second grade.  If a student is not ready or does not understand the concept they are not taught money again in any other grade level.  Regrouping is taught in grade 2 which some children are not developmentally ready to understand.  These standards have ignored the Development of children through Piaget.  For example the writing curriculum is too hard for some students.  Why are we teaching kindergarten students how to write a research paper..they are not ready for this.  Let’s focus on standards they are ready for..This is ridiculous.Second
Federal top down hog wash written by pseudo experts whose religion is socializing and progressivizing our schools and our children.University online and in the Utah corrections system.Director of education and trainingSalt Lake County
I oppose common core because it is giving control of educational decisions to the federal Government and leaves no transparency as to how these standards are written. These decisions should be at the local level. The common core standards are a weak minimal standard which will make US and Utah children unable to compete with other top educational countries.This is especially evident in math and science. Utah has many highly technical industries and business needing engineers and scientists. Utah needs to be able to have its own standards to educate residents to be able to  complete advanced degrees in the scientist and engineering and technical fields. If we cannot do this we are giving away jobs to foreigners (from Singapore , and China etc). These jobs need to be filled with Utah students.The common core standards and curriculum do not prepare students adequately in math and science. Another advantage is that I believe Utah will be stuck with the high cost of implementing these standards. These standards also introduce  the national tracking pf student data which goes against the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). I am not comfortable with testing and tracking students on  psychometric attributes.High School 9-12Weber
For first graders we now have even more “push-down” curriculum which pushes even more down the throats of our little ones we are supposed to inspire to love learning.First GradeDavis
It is taking away the the creativity of the teacher and the individual needs of the students.  It’s making robots  instead of thinking and learning on a higher standard. IT WILL NOT BE COST EFFECTIVE IN THE LONG RUN.  STUDENTS GOING THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL WILL NOT BE READY FOR HIGHER LEARNING.  We want to be in charge IN our state and the education of our children  When the Federal Government gets its hands into the private institution  of public learning, it will be near impossible to remove it.  DON’T SUPPORT COMMON CORE!THIRD GRADEDAVIS
Because it infringes on the rights of the states and puts pressure to adapt to a national standard.I home school and teach all grades, but currently 8th, 9th and 1st gradeSummit
It is unconstitutional, oversteps parental rights and our God-given rights. It clearly isn’t about education, it’s about control, indoctrination, and lose of freedom as we have always known it.  The assessments probe for information far beyond academic knowledge.SecondUtah
I actually teach at a private school but have been in the public school education system for many years.  I oppose the CC, ONE reason each state is different and you cannot judge one state over another, the students and their needs are very different in Utah than back east or elsewhere.  Thank goodness for private schools11 Also the fact that each school dist will have to purchase a new curriculum just baffles the heck out of me!! Just spending more tax payers dollars as far as I am concerned!Preschool and KindergartenJuabLyla
If CCS are adopted, our education standards would be controlled by unaccountable education policy “experts” far removed from parents, students, and teachers, who are critical to children’s educational success.  CCS are controversial as to their benefits.  What is not controversial is their cost – billions to implement.7thSalt Lake
Poor outcomes. Lower curriculum standards. No sequential basis to ensure no holes from grade to grade. Not a curriculum, an outcome with no guidelines to what and how subjects will be taught.taught K,2,3,5Principal of K-8WashingtonJaime Wilson
This is an infringement on our rights as citizens of the USA.K-12Summit
Because children are not “peas in a pod.” How can you scrap gifted levels for some & special help for the slower students without destroying each group. Our educational system should be teaching individuals to think to resolve issues, not teaching to create “group think.” One grandson was so far ahead of the Jr.HS curricula that he dropped out at 14. Went to UVCC taking robotics/hydraulics. Finish 3rd in the national competition for corrective repair at 15. There are too many students that are high level to stuff them into a system that is meant to create a group of semi-literate, non-thinking people to control by elitists.college vocational level (retired)chief instructor/subject matter directorUtah
Change is hardK-12DirectorUT
Our children are greatest assets.  We want to succeed in life.  Common Core standards are below standards.  It has none when it comes to looking out for our children regarding getting the best education.I supervise 9th-12th.Test Coordinator/ProctorUtahDebbi Clegg
This may seem offtrack but I think we should be careful of something that comes from the federal government.  More federal money means more control for the federal government and less local control.second
These standards are not challenging or flexible enough to help students learn all they can. There is little freedom for teachers and local school boards to decide what is taught.SecondUtah
Control should be left at a local level10Washington
l) Takes away parental rights, and States rights.  Federalizes the education of our nations children.   2) Privacy – tracking kids on 400 points takes away our privacy, makes our kids data points.  They are children! They should be protected by their parents. The government has no right to track and keep tabs on our children. 3) The dumbing down of the curriculum. What they want to teach is lowering the standard of learning.  The math methods are not clear and are unproven experimental methods.  They want to kill the love of reading, by taking away the classics and teaching them to read manuals and other senseless material.Middle SchoolUtah
These standards are below what my children are currently at.4th grade
I feel that the Common Core Standards do not prepare our children for the future. They cater to special interest groups and I feel that if state monies are used for education, the majority of the state should have a say in how their money is used, regarding what is taught. It should not be dictated by the federal government.3rdUtah

10 thoughts on “Teacher Survey Results”

  1. Our education literature is riddled with humanist views. We as teachers have readily accepted its related Godless concepts and teach them as true. Common Core is a tyranny that results when the state becomes our god.

  2. Who paid for all of this insaneness? Who wrote the curriculum ? We have Globalist in the right places to keep this type of mental disease going strong, Who put them there?
    I have not paid attention to this because my kids go to a private school.

    1. Kerri, unfortunately, the college entrance exams are being realigned to match Common Core. Private schools and home schools will soon have pressure to adopt the Common Core standards to do well on these tests.

  3. Those designing this newer system with ‘newer’ values have far different lens, center, and values than I do, and than our Founders did. Our Pledge of Allegiance gives us the key to what truly “common” core we are to have:

    One nation under God.

    Not a nation under the influence of secular humanism, socialism or communism, not under Gaia or the related environmentalism. Their educational revisionism completely corrupts the system, taking good and true values and twisting them into something that takes away real love, real learning, and real freedom.

      1. Yes, and it gave great clarification to the true principle that we are only free as a nation as long as we remember it is God who grants freedom.

  4. Thank you for your for this site…it is what we need to see and read to understand the ramifications of this program. I live in Arizona, our Gov. Jan Brewer, signed common core into use here last week. I consider this to be the most dangerous program instituted by our current leadership. Thank you, we will be watching you to see if you can get it overturned in your state.

  5. God bless all you courageous educators of conscience for coming forth and speaking the Truth regarding Common Core, content, assessments, data mining and its obvious agendas. Every educator needs to read your comments, and be inspired to speak out with your courage, accurately informing the public that has outsourced parenting to public education; and who fully trust the teachers who faithfully parent their students. Like Utah, Hoosiers are battling the common foe of Common Core and its plethora of invasive satellites. Alliance Defending Freedom http://www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org is poised to assist educators who face retribution for acting in Conscience.
    laboring with you to awaken Americans to the privileges and responsibilities of minding the minds and the souls of our heirs.

  6. I also wish to commend those teachers who took the time to speak out to the short-comings of this federal mandate to use a cookie cutter approach for every student in the United States.

    #1. Every child is unique. A one-size fits all, will never work unless your motive is to produce automatons who are taught “The federal government gives us what we need”.

    #2. Read your Constitution. No where in these pages does it give the responsibility of education to the federal government.

    #3. The Federal Department of Education is illegal. Demand that it be elliminated to help balance the federal budget as a starter.

    #4. No one knows a child better than his parent or teacher. Any other opinions should not be considered.

  7. COMMON CORE is nothing more than a brain washing, mind altering, complete control and agenda pushing of the LGBTQ lifestyle and introduction to becoming a muslim by forcing a two week study of Islam and the practice of it! Very deadly and dangerous and we need to encourage our schools. To opt out a.s.a.p regardless of the government bribery money promised to schools if the accept CC!

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