UACC Symposium – Empowering Parents – May 13

“UACC Symposium – Empowering Parents”

at UVU’s Sorenson Student Center

May 13, 2015

(Register below) (parking is available adjacent to the student center for $1/hour)

Come join Joy Pullmann from the Federalist (and formerly of the Heritage Foundation), Rod Arquette, Senator Al Jackson and his wife Juleen, and many others speaking on empowering parents. Also, come to a special showing of Tim Ballard’s documentary, The Abolitionist. Register below and please do it today because seating is limited.

8:30am -Sign In

MORNING IN-DEPTH PARENT WORKSHOPS – maximum 60 participants (UVU Classrooms in the Sorensen Student Center 206g, 206h, & 214) –

Cost to Participants- $5.00 to attend all of the workshops

9:00-12:00 Workshops – filled on a first come first served basis

Option 1Option 2Option 3
9:00-10:00Common Core 101 –
Jenny Baker
The Next Frontiers: Data Collection from Birth to Death—
Joy Pullman
Principles of the Constitution-
Stacey Thornton
Laureen Simper
Big Ocean Women
The Difference between Progressive and Effective Education –
Joy Pullman
Parental Rights-
Heather Gardner
11:00-12:00Will national Science standards be coming to Utah?
Vince Newmeyer
SAGE Testing- Should I Opt-Out?
Wendy Hart
Getting Involved & Making a Difference- Jared Carmen


LUNCHEON- ACTIVIST TRAINING (Rod Arquette, KNRS Radio Host Joy Pullmann, The Federalist & Josh Daniels, Libertas Institute)- Center Stage in the Sorensen Student Center

Catered Lunch & Training- $15.00

Training only- $5.00


Evening Event – Empowering Parents (capacity 400) – Ragan Theatre at UVU in the Sorensen Student Center

Starting at 6:30 PM

Five Strings musical group, Joy Pullman and Senator Al & Juleen Jackson

Tim Ballard with Operation Underground and showing of The Abolitionist


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5 thoughts on “UACC Symposium – Empowering Parents – May 13”

  1. Will there be material for those of us who cannot attend this Convention? i would very much be interested in receiving some or picking some up somewhere in the SLC Valley. Thank you.

  2. We will not be able to attend, but are glad to see people are finally realizing how horrible this dumbing down Common Core truly is.
    I am a retired school teacher from California and we fought this type of teaching methods trying to be put upon us by the government in the 60’s and every year after that, and we the parents fought right back and kept it out of our school districts for many years.
    it takes the parents and other concerned citizens to stand up for what is right and usually they will win, for the schools cannot run without attendance.
    We have some of our children who have been homeschooling for years and their children are much smarter than those in public school and qualify for college by the age of 14 years old.
    Because of Common Core and other programs forced on school districts, more and more parents will wake up and begin home schooling and until the school districts realize the damage of Common Core and other horrible teaching programs, they will continue to loose revenue due to home schooling.
    May your efforts be a success! At last count there were about 28 states pulling out of Common Core, and we hope Utah will be part of this well educated group of states for they want what is best for their children.
    I wrote Gov. Herbert in the beginning with no reply warning of the destruction of Common Core.
    No reply from him was returned to me Mrs. White

  3. Is it possible to get the information from Senator Jackson and wife comments from the evening event of the symposium. Absolutely amazing examples. Thank you…

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