Stunning non-Common Core news

Yesterday we received a couple reports that are just stunning.

Lunch Nazis

“Ok I am not happy. While speaking to my son today about school I always ask what they had for lunch. My son told me “the chicken sandwich.” He then added that he ate some carrots and oranges. So he mentioned that yesterday at school lunch they had breadsticks. He said he took a breadstick and was supposed to also get a chicken sandwich. When the lunch lady saw he had a breadstick she informed him that he could not have a bun on his chicken sandwich if he had the breadstick. Why?

because that is too much grain. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I am so tired of the government telling us what we can eat, and what my child can eat. It is a bun, a BUN for heavens sake. It was not like he asked for a extra brownie, cookie, or cake (which I believe is outlawed). I usually cook every night, I am not taking my kids to fast food. I try to be a responsible parent with what I feed my children. I try to prepare nutritious well balanced meals. Ask my children, at dinner I always tell them they have to take some vegetable and eat it. The son who was told he could not have a bun, has not had a soda pop or any carbonated drink since May. He drinks water. When will the government start regulating how much bread I eat? I do not blame the lunch lady, she was just following regulations handed down. Someone is going to hear from me.”

-Allyson Cragun

This reminds me of the story our of North Carolina from a few years ago where a mother’s child had his lunch confiscated (turkey sandwich, banana, apple juice, and potato chips) and given school chicken nuggets as a healthier option. Satirized here:

Polyamorous Relationships, Courtesy of Weber State

Another parent writes that her senior is enrolled in Concurrent Enrollment English at Bountiful High School, through Weber State. Weber just assigned this article for the students to think about the “ethical and moral views of this lifestyle” and about whether “these groups constitute ‘families’…”  The parent complained to the principal who said, his “hands are tied because Weber State decides the curriculum.” Maybe Weber State needs their tax funding pulled to remind them about community standards, especially where it concerns minors. As one person put it, this is normalizing perversion.

7 thoughts on “Stunning non-Common Core news”

  1. Maybe someone (whoever required the book) should be brought up on “corruption of a minor” charges….
    I don’t have children in school anymore, but I do wish I were in school. I would bring a cooler on wheels with my soda and junk in it just to prove a point.

  2. This whole polyamory thing just makes my stomach turn. Nothing new here at all–just people choosing the lusts of the flesh over God…and trying to justify and normalize their perversions. We know how God feels about it–He dedicated the first commandment to it: “Thou shall have no other gods before Me”…and to make things even clearer for US, the sheeple, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness…and they were doing the exact same things in their time as is going on in our world now. God doesn’t change. Evil doesn’t change…the enemy and the tactics are still the same. We are now just closer to the time of Jesus’ returning, so the gloves are off and more evil than ever pervades our world. Satan knows his end and wants to take as many human beings with him as possible. We have a world who parties up to the very end and thinks that if they don’t “believe” it is ok. Their unbelief does not change whether something is true or not. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

  3. We need to be more vigulant than ever in teaching our kids, although this is hard, as I don’t think respect is learned in this society much any more. Part of the reason is kids don’t respect themselves as they are more and more, non productive and self esteems are low. Parents need to respect and agree as much as possible and support the other parent, and if not talk about it in private and come to some resolution. Adults need to show respect to each other, and teachers and role models need to stress respect to good parents. It is a can of worms however, as what is good anymore. Tough times.

  4. If it is possible for the parents, they should go sit with their child while they eat lunch. If a lot of parents did that, it would be much harder for the schools/govt to dictate what the child is eating. What are they going to do, pull the bun out of a kids hands with mom or dad sitting right there? I don’t think so. We can call it a sit in, and I think it would help to get the message across to the schools. maybe?

  5. I don’t have children in school any longer but I do have grandchildren. We they are with me and I attempt to help with homework, it’s impossible. I can teach them how to obtain the correct answer but the method their school is teaching is NUTS. I don’t like the school directing my grandchildren in the government control status I see it turning too. I will help stop this if I knew how and who to contact.

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