Student experiences extreme psychological SAGE testing

Don’t miss this interview with a 13-year old in Southern Utah who took the SAGE test and experienced extreme psychological testing conditions.  It’s not known how widespread these test conditions were for Utah students, but this is nothing more than a very disturbing experiment on our children. To opt your children out of SAGE tests, click here for an opt-out form.

[The video has been removed from the source]


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  1. While watching this I just felt sick inside! These SAGE tests are nothing less than a test lab on children. Children are being used, abused, and I dare say bullied into these tests. We as parents need to ban together to get this garbage out of the education system!

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      thanks for the comment. Oak asked me to respond to this question. From the interviews I have had, there are many students who have given accounts of object manipulation, having to use headphones, and also seeing colors. Even Many more have experienced the ill effects after completing the SAGE tests. Please keep in mind that the developers of this test are not educational based but behavior modification research based. It is their job to observe and modify behavior. Students have reported that they not only experienced physical and emotional effects, but parents have described behavior changes in children that are typically mild mannered. These include Anger, lashing out, extreme emotion and duress. (Also from the evidences gathered, there does appear to be two versions of the math test in the state. One seems to be a milder version, but both have had extreme reactions by students.)
      I am gathering these evidences with Oak to present to the Attorney General next week. It is of vital importance that this issue be investigated and that not only the common core be removed, but the testing be investigated as well. If indeed our children are being subject to what appears to be behavior modification techniques, then parents need to be in the front line of this investigation.
      Mr. Noriega

  2. I watched with my own eyes is my kids stressed increased. That is not my overall concern, although it is a concern. My concern with sage testing is the opinion questions of political and social issues. In these questions there is clearly an objective to data mine responses from kids on sociopolitical issues.

    I am glad I have taught my kids that government does not always know what’s best.

  3. Can the students have paper and pencil and write down the odd questions or sneak photos of the screen?

  4. This gives me the creeps. Testing should not be like this. This is unhealthy and unnatural. This is wrong. My kids are students through a Utah private school that did not adopt common core. Their end of the year tests were solely based on what students have been taught by their teachers throughout the year. They were paper and pencil tests. No anxiety, no manipulation and nothing to modify behavior. The teachers designed the tests themselves. Math was math and nothing more. This is how testing should be. Angela is right. Parents need to ban together and demand that these SAGE tests be thrown out of our schools.

  5. I don’t know exactly what occurred during this student’s testing experience. I do know that I am against the common core, and have previously stated this on this website. I also proctored 3 math tests at the junior high level and, while there were a few minor computer issues, I didn’t see anything disturbing like what this student reports. My students and my children didn’t report anything that was disturbing like this. At least for the math tests, I don’t believe that headphones were mandatory. They weren’t in my class.

    There was an implication on the video clip that teachers are covering things up. I am not hiding anything. I didn’t see anything to hide. If there is more going on than I saw, I hope it comes to light and is dealt with, but my experience doesn’t indicate that that is the case. And for what it is worth, I teach in Southern Utah.

    I am not trying to discredit this student’s account. I don’t know exactly what he experienced or why. I know it took courage for him to speak out, and I think that an impartial investigation is in order. I simply don’t believe that his experience is typical.

    1. Malin, if this happened widespread, it would have instantly drawn a lot of attention. My guess is it happened in one school only as a test for what those kids would experience. But this is a total psychological experiment.

  6. One of my concerns about this test has always been that teachers and administrators can’t see the test as it’s happening. I appreciate the service of the 15 parent panel, but it is impossible for me to verify whether or not the test that is presented to our children and the test presented to the 15 parent panel are the same thing. How would one possibly know?
    The secrecy of the test and the age of the participants provide no sense of reassurance. As parents we are being asked to trust an organization that after only a few minutes of consideration proves to be an organization with an agenda that most parents in Utah would vehemently oppose if they took the time to be aware.
    In the end we are asked to trust a state board that has not been honest with us and a behavioral research company that the state board claims will only be asking academic questions.
    So, I have no idea what has happened here and whether what is described is a unique or widespread experience. But, the fact is that AIR/SAGE testing violates too many principles of common sense parenting and sound school practice. It puts the board and the state in what I believe is very precarious legal and moral territory.

  7. My daughter is opted out, but before we got that done she had to take a practice test for English. She is an 8th grader in Alpine SD. After watching this video, I asked her if she noticed anything unusual on the practice test. She said that she had to wear headphones and listen to a voice talking during her test. The voice was a male voice and it did not change to female. It was saying the exact same thing she was reading on her computer screen, and there was a buzzing sound in the background. After he said the second sentence, the voice DID shriek. (She was very hesitant to tell me this.) She thought her headphones were broken, so at that point she unplugged her headphones from the computer and left them on her head so her teacher wouldn’t say anything. This bothers me very much, but it just makes me all the more glad we opted out. She also said, during the SAGE test after we opted her out, she was doing her alternate assignment in class and glanced over to the computers. The screen was black and the text was hot pink.

    1. In talking to my daughter some more, I feel I need to correct one thing…

      Regarding the headphones, she left them plugged in, but slid them off her head and left them around her neck. She said her teacher didn’t see her.

  8. I see no reason to doubt this student’s (and others who have reported similar experiences) account of what he experienced in the SAGE testing. I would also say that, if I were a teacher, being told I could not see or know anything about the tests that MY students were taking, I am smart enough to know there is SOMETHING nefarious going on and I would not want to be a part of it…and I would CERTAINLY question the motives and agenda of those telling me to basically “Shut-up and go along with what you are told…or else YOU will have a problem.” Intimidating ANYONE by fear is NOT going to be right in ANY way, shape or form. If these tactics are working on adult parents and teachers, the fact that any child is willing to speak up and say what is going on with them should be applauded, not attacked. I am a parent who now homeschools my 12 yr old daughter BECAUSE of what was going on in the public schools with Common Core. I found that the school district and the teachers in my daughter’s school were in lock-step with the “program” that is Common Core (or whatever name they are calling it now) and not willing to “question” anything or take this parent’s concerns and questions seriously, effectively silencing the opposition, as it were. I did my own homework and answered my own questions and got my child out of the situation. The more that is exposed, the more that I see a purpose and a desired result totally in opposition to what is beneficial to our children, and our country overall. Common Core is a cancer that needs to be eradicated.

  9. I’m not sure why people are saying that teachers aren’t allowed to be in the room while testing is going on, but I’m a science teacher a UT high school and I was absolutely there while my students tested. From what I could see of the questions as I was there was nothing wrong with them. Students could either choose to use headphones or not, they did have do drag and drop objects, but that’s so they could choose what they needed to run the experiment and then answer the questions. There didn’t seem to be anything evil about the biology Sage test.

  10. Cognitive Child Abuse.

    A year ago I warned the State Board of Education regarding the possible adverse psychological effects of this “test” on a statistically significant amount of un-named school children. I was ignored.

    Now? It is no longer “possible”, it is happening. The “un-named” children? If I had the luxury of having FERPA and other privacy laws changed for our benefit as did our public schools, I would list the names of the now “named” children who are being treated for multiple psychological issues related to this experimental test and other school induced anxiety/depressive disorders.

    I so wish this was all a conspiracy theory and that Oak Norton was a nut bag as I once suspected a year ago. Unfortunately, our clinic is filled with these kids being treated for multiple school induced issues that can’t be swept under the rug via a USOE press release. I have heard directly (off the record of course) from several school psychologists who have stated that their case loads of anxiety have increased over 50% in this year alone.

    Oak: You have not seen anything yet. Remember, what the kids are getting now via testing is NOT the adaptive test version….it is still in “experimental development” (my term). You think kids are going “crazy” now? Wait till this time next year after kids/teens have experienced computerized adaptive testing for the first time in lives.

    No pilot testing. No validity testing.

    What rolls out in Utah in 2014-2015 has never been done before to children in the history of our State (or any other State for that matter). Keep up the good work informing parents….I’m busy interviewing and hiring more therapists for next school year.

  11. The day I asked my son about the SAGE tests he took I happened upon an article from Florida state questioning what the sexual orientation of the people in the question had to do with what the question was asking. and he confirmed that his test he took in the nebo school district, was the same kind of test! For example, my son said that his test asked him about 2 moms and it was a math question. In my mind, I am thinking what in the world does a person’s sexual orientation have to do with learning math or even getting an education? I know that there are a lot of people who want us all to live in such a sterile world and I am not trying to offend any one person out there. But I am offended. Do I count? My hope is that one day that children will get an “true education”. Un-biased, and honest. Let every individual come to their own conclusions and be free-thinkers. I was allowed to do that. So were most of us all, right?

  12. Student Tells on Common Core Test: A SECOND WITNESS… I have included the video from the first student and parent to come forth after the many posts. Here is her brave testimony after the video of Liam my son. Thanks to the many that have now come forth.
    Please Email if your student has had similar experiences, or for speaking at events
    for all things cc read “if it’s broken don’t fix it” by Mr. Noriega on amazon
    Just wanted to comment on some of the strangeness that is encircling my efforts. The post has indeed changed on youtube, and now I have just reposted it above. I am Common Core Man (Mr. Noriega) even though it says sin nor. My efforts in exposing the common core and sage, in what would undoubtedly collapse common core has meet strange opposition. Ever since I launched this video it seems that my efforts have had strange reactions. My meeting with the AG went extremely well, and there was a plan devised; but the amount of havoc raised was incredible. It seems that many went to enormous efforts to stop the meeting altogether. However, the AG was gracious enough to keep the meeting- which again had great results. However, the news story that would have been exclusively covered by ch4 10 o clock news failed. It seems there were those with enough influence that were able to call off the reporters, despite the producer’s word that they would cover the story. It would have meant media coverage throughout Utah, but there are those that feel the news should not be involved. Even more, my FB timeline has been removed, and I can no longer post as Common Core Man. I have started this new account as sin nor, but have zero friends, and am starting from scratch. But I would like to thank those that came to the post AG meetings. I felt there was a lot of ground covered. There is a new plan. Once I get my bearings straight I will announce it. It seems that indeed the opposition believes I caused a wave, or a crisis situation with this video. But we are at a crisis. We must act now, and involve the media as much as we can. Please spread this new version of the video to all you can. They cannot dissuade us. We stand for freedom. Why do they stand to oppose?

  13. Just spoke to my sister about my niece taking this test. She said that they were asking personal questions as well. One question asked was if they had firearms in the house and how many. This needs to be stopped. Parents need to be informed of these tests.

  14. Here is the blueprint for designing the Common Core psychological warfare software:

    Done by design (intentional) in the test; was accidental in Japan.

    Medical condition involved.

    The purpose of the psychological warfare is to reduce the difference in Math test scores between the best and the worst students. The endgame is to cause white suburban students to have lower scores, implying that previous tests before Common Core were unfairly biased. This is about rigging test results for Social Revenge and payback.

  15. I’m surprised no mention of Charlotte Iserbyt has been made. She’s been telling America that education has become the laboratory of psychology and the children are being trained via stimulus-response, rather than educated by any model which places independence of thought or intellectual development above progressive/positivist inculcation.

    If anyone wants to follow up on this, start with Iserbyt’s site:

    There is a larger issue here, in addition to the lack of probity and ‘standard’-ness of the Common Core “standard”:

    There was a concerted and intentional change in education in the mid 1800’s, initiated by Thomas Huxley in England. He and his cadre of Natural Philosophers, desiring to raise their field to the level of “professional Scientists”, began to reshape their society. Up to that point, Christianity was the default, and even people who didn’t understand the meaning of Messiah and the reason for owning the name ‘Christian’ were apt to identify themselves that way. Atheism was considered synonymous with insanity. Huxley made a name for himself as an administrator and educational reformer, and because of his actions for the crown in various civil matters requiring good math skills, gained political power, which he used to restructure education.

    Huxley coined the term “agnostic” to describe himself: although he expressed doubts about God and Christ, he taught Sunday School in the Anglican church. A report claiming that, statistically, the sons of ‘ignorant Welsh farmers’ would not be able to learn the new field of Science (which wasn’t new, since its defining structure is the Scientific Method, which was codified by Isaac Newton in the 1600’s) became the focal point of a movement to replace the Catholic or Protestant Church with the “Church Scientific”. (Note Iserbyt’s cogent connection of Wundt’s Leipzig school of experimental psychology, which had been active from 1832: their presumption is that a human is nothing more than a brain, body, and nervous system, so that learning requires nothing more than training the student using stimulus-response methods.) Huxley went so far as to style his science lectures ‘Lay Sermons’. Their open intent was to supplant belief in Christ with belief in Science, despite the fact that Science is fundamentally underinterested in Truth, and functionally accurate until more precise data is acquired and tried in the court of independent repetition and peer-review, at which point, it moves, not to absolute truth, but a “potentially closer approximation”.

    These ideas played well in London, and found their way to a very receptive audience in America, where Scientific Schooling, marshaled primarily by John Dewey, took the attitude that any practice that worked for one class of children to get them to learn (as in be able to demonstrate the primary points) something, must therefore work if it is ‘scientifically’ applied to larger classes of more diverse students, regardless of individual development, etc.

    At the turn of the 20th century, America was poised for a change in education, and by 1930 it was in place: a change from individual intellectual enrichment and training the student’s faculties to be best able to apply them, to a system designed to produce a uniform population of collectivist, globalist cogs, largely through “outcome based education”. Students were to be trained to be sensitive to the global values and to hold ideas deemed by the controlling educationalists to be ‘appropriate’ to a one-world, pseudoegalitarian Utopia, and to believe a narrative of progressivism and positivist myth with all the fervor that had been reserved to those who had encountered God in person…all without the ‘cost’ of belief in a higher being, absolute truths (other than “there are no absolute truths”), or inconvenient individuality.

    And here we are, watching the unfolding of yet-another-step in developing stimulus-response ‘teaching’ (I’d have called it indoctrination) techniques, with living children being used as test subjects. Our Government certainly supports this (the $4billion handed out by the Federal Government for “Reach for the Top” is proof enough of that); the administrators of education from the Federal Department of Education on down, and the Progressive-agenda supporting Politicians (who are remarkably uniform on supporting the horrors, regardless of party or so-called political-spectrum titles they adopt) and financiers (JEB Bush and Bill Gates come right to mind) have no problem with it, as it enriches their wallets, and diminishes the humanity of the students. Small price to pay for a little individual wealth and power amongst the elites, eh?

    We knew this was starting when we were told by our children that their Sex Ed teachers told them not to ‘share’ what they were learning in class with their parents, that their text book could not leave the class room and especially be shown to their parents. There was no doubt of it when teachers in such subjects as music began to pitch their questions about music history and style in terms of how oppressed the composers and musicians were by their patrons.

    If you don’t bother to read Iserbyt, if you don’t educate yourself about Positivism and Progressivism, if you don’t take the effort to find out why Christianity is targeted while Islam is being covered up for, you won’t ever understand what your Government is doing to you and your families.

    Isn’t it time for the ‘stupid American People’ that MIT’s Gruber counted on to push Obamacare down our throats started to educate themselves, for real, rather than relying on the ‘education’ we got in ‘school’s?

  16. To be clear, i am a student at a public southern Utah school. although most of what this student said was NOT true, this test does seem quit fishy to me, the makers of the test being a company studying psychological effects and all, but the test is not even close to what most of what is said. most of what is said is not true for my whole school and my sibling’s school. there ARE however problems: like it does seem like they are studying our reactions and answers for psychological reasons, and the scoring system. not even the teachers really understand the scoring system, at least to my knowledge. what I do know is that is is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a student to get near 100% to 100% on any given test. in my opinion and what iv’e heard is that they make the questions harder as you go on and get answers right. They are grading us on things different than other students, if you are maybe a little more adept at that specific topic. That seems wrong to me. there are set state standards and SAGE should be grading us on that, not their own ideas of what a test should be. please comment or email me for questions or comments on this, i would like to know more about this test that the teachers dont even know whats fully going on for.

    1. something i have forgot to mention also, I have consistently gotten 4s (the highest score out of 1-4). exept once. something definetly was wierd going on, it was the language arts test and i had gotten a 4 twice before on the PRACTICE tests, and they were full practice tests. i got 3 points below that four mark, and i definetly spent more time and effort on it the last time.

      here is my

  17. The video links are dead. (Youtube error “This video is unavailable”. I don’t trust the major sites as they have proven to be biased against conservatives, so I don’t know if they are censoring this information or if there is another reason the videos are unavailable at the original links. Is there a new link? (Hopefully to a site not controlled by Google/Youtube or others with an agenda.)
    Thank you,

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