Scientist has trouble helping daughter with CC math

Sterling Allan submitted this to the Deseret News as an op-ed.


The other night I helped my 10-year-old daughter with her math homework because my wife couldn’t figure it out. After I broke away from my work, when I went to help her, past her bed-time, she was crying, and just drawing her pencil back and forth across the first of four questions, totally frustrated.

I’m a scientist, and the first problem took me 20 minutes to figure out; and I seriously doubt she understood my explanation, because I barely figured it out myself. My daughter said that the next day all the kids were talking about how hard it was.

I’m not yet fully immersed in the question of what is the agenda of the corrupt powers that be in this Common Core curriculum, but I have a few thoughts to share. First, when I say “corrupt powers that be”, briefly, I’m referring to the modern secret combination that seeks to destroy America and the principles of freedom upon which she was founded, to make way for a tyrannical New World Order that turns us all into slaves.

For years, their agenda has been the deliberate dumbing down of America through its education system, among other things, such as fluoridating the water, which is a medication to make people docile.

Now that they’ve accomplished the agenda of dumbing us down, it seems their agenda is to try and make the students feel like losers for being so dumbed down. It’s Satan’s lie: “now, look at what a low-life you’ve become, you’re no good, it’s no use trying any more.”

As parents, we’re seriously considering home schooling our kids again, so they can get a proper education and not be brainwashed with whatever agenda the corrupt powers that be are promoting. Our primary reason for sending the kids back to school has been the excellent programs they have for our special needs daughter. The staff have been phenomenal in our experience with the real human beings who are the teachers trying to make it in the system.

I call upon the state legislature to ban Common Core from Utah. Let’s revolt! And finally stand up like we’re supposed to! Just say NO! to such corruption. Be no part of it.

Otherwise, we’ll probably home school our kids again, and we urg others to do the same. We don’t have to subject our kids to this.

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Sterling D. Allan,
(Pure Energy Systems) PES Network, Inc., CEO

One thought on “Scientist has trouble helping daughter with CC math”

  1. I like Saxon Math. Newer version isn’t as rich, but you can plug along at it the speed your children can manage. American Heritage School has a wonderful Family Learning Homeschool program I recommend to add to your daily routine, Personally I have helped financially support this education publication. I would love to have every child get the opportunity to be educated at American Heritage School in American Fork, Utah. Financially this isn’t possible. However, if you seek to supplement now or/and homeschool again, there is something better and I found the best. We graduated two in high honors and honors from the public high school. One spoke at graduation and most outgoing for Seniors. One was on LDS seminary council. When we weren’t involved in AHS and other schools, I believe there was a value to our efforts the few years we did homeschool–using similar techniques as AHS Family Homeschool Program. Adding spiritual to a good curriculum we researched. We did charter for some when I felt out numbered–supplementing at home some….Later….Winning the lottery of wish and opportunity we send them to AHS. I hate to be a victim of the public system, for too often it doesn’t support the values and messages Laura Ingalls Wilder’s was educated with as she was taught math. Her’s and the common American children was equal to an European Nobleman’s education, in Alexis de Tocqueville’s opinion of the education system–they did teach about freedom. He wrote about it in “Democracy in America”. ( The Fourth of July chapter of Little Town on the Prairie give you a taste of her understanding at 13th on the subject.) We do have to do what we can as parents…if it means we can only say the truth at the dinner and breakfast table and hope the filter system is working throughout the day. Best wishes in your efforts and I believe your care a lot… to write this message has a lot to do with your hopes. Brett Gerlach, a father of 10 and business owner, hopes that every child would have the opportunity to be educated under these principles and shares input at AHS on the board for the next four years, for this cause. He graduated top San Francisco Wharton Graduate the year it was top in the nation. Having successfully been educated by many wonderful people, including wonderful parents he hopes to give back and get the results you and I want for our children and the community’s children. We hope you will join our efforts to fine tune curriculum for the children–yours and other children, by using this material and giving feedback. There is no need to sit and I appreciate your spoken words that will be steps forward for more actions to get the best you can for your family and those who need your help.
    I covet great-grandma’s teeth who was raised in an area with naturally fluorinated water. She wasn’t docile, but I loved her. Her son was the top electron microscope inventor in the world at one time. Utah was late in adoption floride, then I lived in VA with well water–so I missed the benefit for teeth…In large quantities floride is poison. I guess I will read about it to see the balance on this subject, as I do fluorinate my teeth now. I hope you will do research on the subject of AHS homeschool manuals while I study floride.
    There are sample lessons on the and I hope you will look into it. It may be just what you are looking for. The school does give tours and it was a wonderful experience to see the school and hear about it. Lots of videos on the website, too. I was absolutely a skeptic because of the degree of my efforts to study spiritual material and homeschool with success, but I knew there were years I wasn’t able to homeschool for the results I wanted.
    My sons were behind in the public school during this time. One jumped grade levels of reading from 3-8th in 12 months. Ok, I did hire a tutor for language arts time because he was special education borderline. Plugged ear tubes during some of preschool years limited his hearing long enough to need serious help. I think teaching with the spirit and really wanting something good for children made all the difference to help pop him out of a rut that statistically stated he would never be a good reader as an adult. With nothing structurally wrong with his body and mind it was possible to have him attend AHS with the staff they had… work with him and wait the time for him to rise above it. Certainly we now can’t get him away from books and this is a hardship too, a much preferred problem. I did hire a tutor for after school time slots when I was in public and private school to help with homework sessions and extra learning. I was outnumbered as a mom. Later one of the tutors said, “I didn’t think he would ever catch up.” She was convincingly sincere as she helped. I think you want to tell the person to help with the hope it will matter and don’t really stop the effort, but tack on the hope regardless of the stats they have read. Perhaps the stats if your child doesn’t read well by the 4-5th grade you are likely to see them never do well is more due to opportunity and lack of embarrassment to where the child is today in relationships with the peers. Ben Carson, retired top pediatric neurosurgeon from John Hopkins, was one of the children who shouldn’t have been able to read well as an adult– A late learner of the basics. I was one too emerge in college with my speed. I used college lectures as a crutch, and study guides at first and ended with independent study courses–successfully. I sorrow for all the other students who were better with basic learning– who never went to college because I know they could and would have thrived with the effort and belief in themselves. My son never had a shortage of belief and we still cheer him on for high honors for the next years to come. I did pray to get answers to know on what level to hold him too and work him up too. When the kindergarten special education teacher was telling me that I should consider special education scholarships for college, I knew I was glad to be changing schools the next year. She and I didn’t have the same knowledge of who this student was and his capacity. I told her I was looking to make him eligible for academic scholarships and thought I would be successful at this effort. I really did appreciate all that was done for him in Kindergarten, he really needed it. Be a constant hope for all your children and take them to their capacity as best you can. One friend of ours was downs and we just thought if we could function at our capacity we would be pretty amazing people, like he is. We look at him and know he was doing all he could. He could read and work in a supply center at a major corporation and served others by his example and learning. All people, as they come, are wonderful for our lives and finding the fit for each one we serve is truly a quest and a blessing. Good luck with your parenting, it is the hardest thing we do all day! Yet the rewards are unsurpassed to anything else–except marriage ties!

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