7 thoughts on “Propaganda in Roosevelt”

  1. The girl looks nauseated, and the guy looks like an Oompa Loompa lacking oxygen. Yeah, I’m sure the kids are really eating this one up.

  2. Why are these people green & purple? “It’s like….” definitely not promoting proper grammar!-c

  3. This is the weirdest, oddest thing I’ve seen in a public school.
    How dumb do they think kids are? (They want them to take the test to know, I guess . . .)

  4. Seems similar too slogans from the 1940’s in a little place known as Germany. If you have to sell something this hard, it’s generally not something people want.

  5. Lame statements intended to mimic the language of pop culture teenagers and the cable guy. Educator’s can be “so creative”. Wonder what the students are saying about the posters? Kids will mock and see through this stuff. Btw, how much of the schools budget was spent creating this propaganda? Time to cut the funding?

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