Online Brainstorming Session

We need to capitalize on the energy following last night’s “We Will Not Conform” event. Let’s work together to strategize and organize to kick Common Core and all it’s entanglements to the curb!  In the comment section below post your ideas on how to take action now and organize locally. Here are some ideas to start:

  • Make T-shirts
  • Yard Signs
  • T-shirt design contest
  • Hold an organizing convention
  • Organize by District
  • Radio Ads

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4 thoughts on “Online Brainstorming Session”

  1. Start our own TED talks in Utah and put them up on youtube. Have a variety of ages from kids frustrated to kids blissfully happy with Common Core and adults who can explain the long term consequences of children learning to take minutes or hours to do a math problem that should take seconds and how this will effect productivity in the workplace. Talk about the problem of gov control and the lack of diversity if we continue with CC.

    Address civic groups

    Block parties

    Radio ads – talk shows

    School board meetings

    BBQ’s invite school board members, congressmen

  2. I I love the ideas mentioned above!

    I do want to ask this, though…What about each school district’s parents and teachers who oppose Common Core, e-mailing/writing letters to inform key supporters of the Common Core in Utah’s Legislature/State School Board of our concerns? I know similar things have been done to show support of a law we want passed or a law we want rejected — and it has worked. I am suggesting this to accommodate those who are a little more timid. :)

  3. 1- I would love to have a daily “Did You Know” about Common Core that I could post on my Facebook. Many people on my Facebook account consider themselves to be “Progressives” and think CC is wonderful just because they see it as primarily Federal. I want to have quick facts with good sources to post daily.

    2- As an educator, I want be able to connect with other anti Common Core teachers. A meet up, chat room or something. I am not sure how many would attend a meeting but as it stands now I know many teachers feel isoalated and fearful to speak their mind. I want to know what is happening outside of my school and district.

    It is very important that we get our game plan in place with school starting in just weeks now.

  4. I think having county facebook pages followed up by city parent representatives can help organize people into smaller groups. We can all work together and post things on the UACC facebook page but start getting a tighter organization going in our Districts. Ultimately, if we can get rid of Common Core, something else is going to come along to take its place. If parents aren’t already organized and attending their local school board meetings, staying up on what is going on in education policy, and communicating regularly in their own groups then how can we effective stay on top of this things. I would encourage people to stand up and be in charge of a parent group in your city-many would be ideal. Partner with another parent and let’s start working together locally. I know that Toole, Salt Lake, and Davis Counties have already started working in this direction.
    I also like the idea of a state convention of sorts to help all of us get together. When I was at the State GOP convention it was nice to see all the tables set up for all the parts of Utah to hand out credentials. If we could do something on that scale it would be a huge help in getting Utah organized under the same purposes. This would help teachers to connect too. Legislators could be invited to come and meet with their constituency and hear their concerns. We could work with legislators on what kind of laws we feel need to be introduced to move away from Federally controlled education.

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