National STEM Push = Green Movement

I received this email below from someone in the Midwest showing the direction the Academy of Science wants to take teachers in STEM fields. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is being pushed hard in Utah and other states because there is a very real shortage of math literate students. The problem is, pushing the Green movement as they are below, won’t help math skills improve. If we really wanted to solve the math problem, we would cut constructivism out of schools since it’s a proven failure, and implement real math programs. That would solve the STEM problem by giving children a solid foundation in math and their success would drive their career choices.

Another link someone else sent me this morning shows what UNESCO is planning for teacher professional development. This verifies that this green movement push is all about the “sustainability movement” which is going to be used to control populations.

This comes as no surprise to those of us following the trail of Common Core. Common Core is being hijacked by the Feds and UNESCO to push the sustainability movement. For an excellent video showing this problem, please watch Alisa Ellis’ presentation at the recent Agency Based Education conference. Then write your new Utah legislators and ask them to get us out of Common Core because of it’s direct ties to movements against our freedom and sovereignty.

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Free, FUN, informative and interactive Science Careers Explorations with STEM professionals for students in Grades 6 – 8.

Teachers apply soon! Space is limited!


Groups of 20 – 25, 6th – 8th grade students.
The program can accommodate four groups of 20 – 25 students per day. Individual students are welcome, but must register and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Missouri Botanical Garden
Commerce Bank Education Center
4651 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63110
(NE corner of Shaw and Kingshighway)


January 23 (Room for 75 students)
January 29 
January 31
February 5 (Room for 75 students)
February 7 (FULL)
February 13
February 22 (FULL)

Program is from 9 am – 1 pm each day.

Pick one or more available dates. NOTE: Dates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


If you would like to select a group, or groups, of 20 – 25 6th, 7th, and/or 8th grade students to participate in Greening Your Future, please REGISTER HERE, or contact program director, Rose Jansen at 314-537-7889, or

The date/s you would like to attend, the name and address of your school, grade level/s to attend, number of students per grade level group, and the name and contact information (school, cell, home phone numbers and email addresses) of the teacher chaperone/s and school principal.





Greening Your Future is a Science Careers Exploration initiative of The Academy of Science – St. Louis.

Connecting Science and the Community since 1856. ©

Greening Your Future
is a high-impact and informative science careers program that introduces students to real-world science and and possibilities of future science careers.

Each session during the program puts students in touch with working scientists, engineers and STEM professionals to explore careers in science through interactive and hands-on demonstrations. Students experience the interdisciplinary nature and impact of science today.

BRING: sack lunches and drinks for students, teachers and chaperones on the day of the program. Sharpened pencils.


Limited funding may be available for bus transportation. Contact program director, Rose Jansen at 314-537-7889, or via email.




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  1. Our experience here with STEM in phila suburbs at private catholic school last year was appalling!
    It was a blatent GREEN indoctrination/ marketing tool for palm oil. I saved all the documentation.
    the ” big idea” they were pushing ( outcome) was that sustainable palm oil was going to save orangutans and regular palm oil was going to kill them. ( financially benifitting the ” roundtable for sustainable palm oil”, who have written reams of declarative but useless documents proclaiming their dedication to sustainable practices, yadda yadda but careful reading shows thay really have no obligation and it is the usual smokescreen).
    this over simplification of a very complex geopolitical economic topic, was done in a very misleading way and under common core, I only NOW found out. the deception is palpable. it was capped off by a survey sent to the 5th graders new emails under the guise of helping the third graders with a math project. this survey asked among other related questions do youy eat at mcdonalds?, how often, what do you get? would you eat there more if they used sustainable palm oil?
    so this basically was using our kids to indoctrinate to the advantage of members of sustainable palm oil roundtable, and a marketing tool for them, sold to the teachers under the guise of saving orangutans, a cause marketing seduction ploy. the 7th graders had to write a paper, my child concluded the same. I looked at their biased and unscholarly sources and had a serious meeting with the admin etc, not sure of the outcome.
    last year I had never heard of common core, yet our archdiocese and state and school had accepted it, without a word to parents. it is especially unsettling that I am paying tuition and opted out of public school to avoid this very thing! to think that these methods are sanctioned by school leaders is disheartening.
    Very Sneeky. using the mantle of Science and MATH to push GREEN propaganda to our children.
    this project was done through the philadelphia Zoo, who have a radical green new leader and agenda affiliated with the aukland zoo.

    all of the 5th graders made posters that said the same thing. buy sustainable palm oil to save the orangutans.

    as my background lends itself to this topic I RE EDUCATED my children and gave the admin and teachers a bit of schooling, although they seemed to maintain their educator imperiousness.
    and my children want to trust their teachers so they are confused.

    the 8th grade STEM project was to make a social justice imovie: HOW IS THIS MATH AND SCIENCE?
    below is from actual teacher wikipage

    2010 – Grade 8 – S.T.E.M. iMovie

    Task: Working with a partner, create a movie that shows the dichotomy of a social justice issue.
    iLife Project instructions and rubric (2).pdf
    iMovie S.T.E.M. resources

    Topic Selection

    1. Health care and health issues: What are essential human rights?
    2. Immigration: legal and illegal / political asylum / economic asylum Specific websites for this topic are listed below.
    3. Poverty: welfare and options for the poor
    4. Labor issues: unemployment / fair and safe working conditions / child labor / fair (minimum) wages
    5. Capital punishment
    6. Housing issues / homelessness
    7. Global warming: impact on species, including ourselves
    8. Responsible use of natural resources
    9. Arms control: nuclear weapons / landmines / torture / current wars / “just war” theory (Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea)
    10. Bioethical issues: stem cells / right to life / assisted suicide
    11. Charitable obligation: should we help other nations? Should service be mandatory?

    this link below gives evidence of how some teachers feel about the new $$$$ education frontier.

    Released: How to Succeed in Ed-Tech
    By ADAM | Published: NOVEMBER 27, 2012
    There’s a lot of noise today about entrepreneurs and investors getting involved in education technology, much more than we’ve ever heard.

    This is a good thing. But we’re also convinced that most of today’s new ed-tech startups will fail and that a lot of investor money will be lost when they do. In part, that’s just how it goes in entrepreneurial endeavors. Creative destruction involves destruction of entrenched players and interests but also of many new entrants as we try to make change.

    Given the stakes however, we wanted to publish a guide for ed-tech entrepreneurs and investors based on our experiences over the last 7 years in building and growing a successful, large ed-tech platform. In particular, we wanted to put down in writing what it means to us to succeed in this market and how to pursue that kind of success.

    We’ve gotten so much out of building Wikispaces, and we hope that many more entrepreneurs have the kind of experience we’ve had. In particular the ongoing conversations we’ve had with all the teachers who have been part of our journey have been both the mechanism behind, and a crucial part of, all of our success.


    these data collection abilities give teachers and schools the opportunities to profit from our children without our permission.

    I have so much more.

    thank you for your work. I am working on a PA blog, hoping to be up in the next couple of weeks.
    meanwhile Bill Gates just gave phila 250. million for teacher ed and our Mayor Nutter is on the board of ICLEI….
    so you know we are in trouble here

    1. You are bringing up solid points here….
      our only hope in the meantime is to send our children to Regina Angelorm and its Sister schools in Abington and West Chester….also we need to spread the word about it and elect officials who are on the side of traditional education– not Indoctrination!!!

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