National History/Civics Tests to Disappear

We’ve all heard the line, “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the past,” or some variation of it. We all know history is vital, especially the history of the founding of our country. So why cut national history tests unless you really want to deemphasize the importance of history?

“The National Assessment of Educational Progress exams in civics, U.S. history, and geography have been indefinitely postponed for fourth and twelfth graders. The Obama administration says this is due to a $6.8 million sequestration budget cut. The three exams will be replaced by a single, new test: Technology and Engineering Literacy.”

Really? A $6.8 million budget cut and they take out US History tests? Not that I’m a fan of NAEP or anything, but if you’re going to cut something, I can think of a trillion places that would have a lot more economic benefit to our nation.

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