4 thoughts on “KSL reports on anti-Common Core resolution”

  1. I have home schooled my children for 15 years. I believe that if we dont stop common core from being implemented in the schools, that even we, as home schoolers, will be affected. We need to protect our freedoms and our rights to privacy. I appreciate all those that stand up for freedom.

  2. I posted a question on the KSL comment board that asked why KSL never seems to cover the stories about all the lib/democratic corruption like the IRS, Benghaizi, EPA over reach, fast and furious, keystone pipeline, etc – etc!!!! The ccommentator rejected it and would not post. I’d like to know the names of those that run this dishonest line up of stories!! I’d love to see a public out cry condeming this orginizations deliberate mis-use of their position and influence to the reader! They know exactly what they are doing!!! If there’s a march in front of their business, count me in!!!! I’m sick of the rampant dishonesty!!

  3. I sent a letter to Bruce Lindsey asking him the same questions do you think he would answer. I wonder some times about KSL church owned and run like the rest of the liberal media. The standards of the liberal media are why below the standards of the Christians of this country and KSL doesn’t seem to mind closing their eyes to the truth of whats going on in this country. We are to speak out about truth as Christians and live our life as close to Christ as possible and yet the news reporters and editors of KSL go home and sleep as if they are doing their jobs. What are their jobs if truth means nothing. If KSL is full of liberals its about time for a house cleaning. If you watched the clips on KSL about the election you would think Romney was the bad guy.

    1. There is no reason for the “liberal” media to live up to Christian standards or for that matter any other religious standards. There are examples of many countries that went down that slippery slope and suddenly realized that they have become more of a theocracy instead of a democracy. A reporter should be able to live his/her life as a christian and still be able to decide what they consider to be newsworthy. A free press also means a press that is allowed to be free from religious influence.

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