Karl G. Maeser Prep School Statement on Common Core

Hallelujah!!! The Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy in Lindon, Utah, has just issued an official board statement asking the Governor, Legislature, and the State Board of Education, to replace Common Core and permit schools and the public to participate in the creation of new standards for Utah. This is the first school in Utah to take such an action.

Karl G. Maeser Prep School on Common Core

23 thoughts on “Karl G. Maeser Prep School Statement on Common Core”

  1. Bravo, Karl Maeser! Thank you for taking this brave and logical step on behalf of our God-given right as parents to direct the educations of our children.

  2. This is great. I hope other school boards will follow their courageous example and stand up for parents and teachers and our children, whose futures are at stake.

  3. I knew I liked your school! This is yet another reason for my children to go here. Seriously applaud the stand you are publicly making. Thank you for caring about our future more than money.

  4. Thank you for your principled action to bring more localized control, and freedom, to parents, children, and teachers.

    I am sure that we will see much better standards, and educational outcomes, for all that are involved in education by moving away from common core, and the educational tyranny that the common core system promotes.

    Way to go Maeser Academy!

  5. Hooray for Karl G. Maeser Academy and their school board! They continue to do things right.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see a regular public school board make such a statement? One can always hope…

  6. Thank you! It’s nice for some one to take a stand for our children and us parents. I hope they take it into consideration. I’ve already told the carbon school district I will be home schooling my children next year due to common core. Maybe I won’t have to. Thanks for standing with us.

  7. Thanks Karl G. Maeser Academy for your “leadership” and letter to the Governor, Legislature and the State Board of Education! Parents across the state appreciate you for asking that they replace the Common Core State Standards and put the control of our children’s education back in the hands of those who know best (i.e., parents, teachers, community, state)…local not federal. We hope that other districts will follow your example and leadership and write a letter of their own. You are a shining light on the hill…

  8. Thank you for setting the high standard for all School Districts to follow!
    Hopefully other Districts will listen and do the same!

  9. We had our children in the private on-line Karl G. Maeser Academy for several years and found out they had started using CC. We took our children out immediately. As far as I know they are not affiliated, as the on-line school has been around for years. But I hope if anyone knows of families with children in this school they will let them know they are using CC. They call it education 20/20. From what I was told they had to take it on because their largest donors insisted. It use to be an LDS based curriculum hence the reason we put our children in it. That is no longer allowed. Also they made this change without letting the parents know.

    1. Corinne, I think there are 2 different Maeser’s in Utah. One that is online which I think you’re talking about, and this one is a public charter school. I don’t think they are the same.

  10. Thank you Karl G. Maeser Academy for being courageous enough to make this statement! I hope and pray other schools will see the light and follow your example.

  11. Bravo, Maesaer Academy. Thank you for being the first Utah school to take this step in defense of legitimate, time-tested education, a step that rejects experimentation on our children, a step that rejects top-down control without representation. You have said out loud what most schools quietly know: that the Emperor of Common Core is wearing no clothes.

  12. Thank you Karl G. Maeser Academy for taking a stand in which we support, including defending our constitution; where, it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to control/direct our local schools.

  13. I am a concerned grandparent. I am also a former elementary school teacher in Utah’s public schools. I have seen the quality of education deteriorate over the years and have talked to a number of teachers who are friends and neighbors. They are all frustrated with the federal and state government dictating what the schools can and cannot teach. I believe this is a primary factor in the deterioration of our education system. Teachers and parents should be able to decide the best curriculum requirements for the children they are responsible for, not the state or federal government. I applaud the Karl G. Maeser Academy for taking a stand that I wholly support.

  14. Thank you thank you thank for restoring a little glimmer of hope for freedom. Our children and their education belong to us. No one else should determine what is best for them or their education.

    Thanks for taking the lead and making your voice heard where silence seems to reign. Our children’s education is of the most supreme importance. We can’t afford to accept anything less than the best when it comes to the education of our children. We can’t sit idly by and let Washington chip away at our rights and our freedoms. Congratulations Maeser Prep.

  15. Oak, I understand that, sorry if I did not make that clear. My niece went to the charter school in Lindon. I only mentioned the private online school that my children were enrolled in hoping to get the word out that they have also taken on CC. I hope if people are aware of any families with children in this private online school they will let them know they are using CC. It is important that we also let people know who have their children in private schools that they may be using CC. I called many private schools in Utah and several use CC. I understand the statement involves the charter school, but felt it important to mention our situation with the online school as not all of Utahs children go to public schools. I am very glad the charter schools school board is finally speaking up. As I said my niece went to the charter school and she loved it until her Junior year when things started to change.

  16. I want to add my thanks to Karl G. Maeser for standing up and pushing back. KMPA is one of the few public schools comitted to teaching our children to think and lead.

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