JaKell Sullivan on CC’s Redistribution of Wealth Plan

This is a fantastic presentation by JaKell Sullivan that digs into the national plan to use Common Core and its associated tentacles to redistribute the wealth (ie. Marxism). Don’t miss this presentation.

7 thoughts on “JaKell Sullivan on CC’s Redistribution of Wealth Plan”

  1. This lady has learned a considerable amount regarding Common Core, but presents the information in too kind of a manner. Common Core is a horriblie form of communism, a child spawned by Agenda 21 by the United Nations. The ignorance of the our local school boards, school administrators, and teachers across America provides a fertile field for Common Core to take root, and it already has. My wife will retire from being a first grade teacher this spring, and I have an MS Degree in Education and School Administration. Because we are activists for the American Constitution, we are able to see the horrors of Common Core. It is desinged to dumb down America’s students through a curriculim designed to guarantee a generation of people that will go into the work force as robots, accepting and complying with the tenets, principles, and values of Marxism. Furthermore, it is designed to allow the educated minds of America’s student counterparts in foreign countries to excell relative to American students. Additionally, Common Core will require a redistribution of wealth, which is purposefully be done to break the wealth and power of America, weaken the moral foundations of its citizens, and will bring this country and it’s Constitution to the brink of disaster and ruin. I commend JaKell for being able to see what Common Core is doing and for her willingness to speak out about it. My only recommendation for her is to speak out far more boldly and present Common Core as the horrible evil that it really is. This is not an issue that should be treated in a kind way. It can be likened to a Cobra that has crawled into bed with America’s educational system. The American classrooms that are implementing Common Core have invited the “Cobra” into the classroom where it is chewing on the minds of our children. It wish I could be more blunt and descriptive in how horrible Common Core really is.

  2. Well done! Thank you so much for your work in learning about common core, and your excellent presentation. I’ve learned a lot from you! Time to contact my legislators.

  3. Chuck, thank you for your advice and understanding of the real agenda behind Common Core. National standards are the necessary component needed to achieve the social justice educator’s dream of reparations—taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots. Why do they want (and why have they been behind the creation of) national curriculum standards, data collection, health care in schools, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education grants to various minority groups, early-childhood ed, before & after school programs, “highly effective teachers” who will commit to urban schools when given federal incentives? They want to right the wrongs of past discrimination perpetrated by whites (along with creating a populace that’s beholden to government). National standards provide the framework for federally controlled education and wealth redistribution in the name of reparations.

  4. Working on passing along all the links, info, and videos here in NY… Not everyone is a loss in NY!! Thank you for this video and for having the strength to speak up. I hope that I can follow suit here in NY.

  5. JaKell, All your time and research has and will benefit all of our children here in Utah and across the United States. Thank you to your family for allowing you to take time from them to bring forth how PARENTS are being taken out of THEIR CHILD’S education by big government and big business. There are those of us out here quietly trying to do our part informing young families. Grandmas and Grandpas get involved, our Grandchildren need us!! JaKell you are awesome THANK YOU!!! Peggy.

  6. Excellent and educating presentation. Thank you, JaKell, for fanning the flame of courage to speak up. Proud of you.

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