Indiana Superintendent: Obama used CC to Nationalize Education

From the Heritage Foundation, Rachel Sheffield writes:

At a Tea Party gathering last month, Indiana Schools Superintendent Tony Bennett expressed his concern with the growing federal overreach of Common Core education standards. “This administration has an insatiable appetite for federal overreach,” he said. “The federal government’s involvement in these standards is wrong.”

The Indianapolis Star adds:

“Bennett pointed out that the Common Core’s standards originated with the National Governors Association, and were intended for voluntary adoption by states. Then, according to Bennett, Obama nationalized the standards and has tried to use federal clout to force the Common Core on the states.”

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Christel Swasey also wrote a great piece on freedom in education which I encourage everyone to read. In it she quotes South Carolina Senator Mike Fair as saying this:

“…If the federal government didn’t create Common Core, how is this a federal takeover?  Simple– the Department of Education is funding the development of the national tests aligned with Common Core.  Even Common Core proponents admit that whoever controls the test will, for all practical purposes, control what must be taught in the classroom.  And once Common Core is implemented, no one in this state will have the power to change any standard…  The Legislature never had a chance to review Common Core because the feds timed their deadlines for adopting them to fall when the Legislature wasn’t in session. So, to qualify for a shot at Race to the Top money in 2010, the (previous) state superintendent and the (previous) governor had to agree to adopt Common Core– standards that had not even been published yet… By the way, South Carolina wasn’t awarded Race to the Top money, so we sold our education birthright without even getting the mess of pottage.”

One thought on “Indiana Superintendent: Obama used CC to Nationalize Education”

  1. I am collecting experiences through Oak’s website and compiling them for another missionary with whom I work in the LDS Employment Center. She says her daughter interviewed many teachers who thought the common core was fine and was thrilled with it. Her daughter has a district position of some kind in Utah Valley. She is not in the classroom and not reading the materials like our teachers are FIRST HAND. I retired early last year, and know exactly how I felt at these meetings to “introduce” the common core. I have never seen so many district people UNABLE to explain what it was, but who were adamant that we go along with it! They just expected us not to cause waves and to accept this movement. I find that insulting to the intelligence of our amazing teachers in utah, and I work privately now on my own – without pay! – to HELP them understand this mess that in coming to our system. I don’t have to worry abut losing a job now. I hope to be able to paste into my word EVERY opinion from EVERY teacher, because my friend at our mission is SURE her daughter is right and I am wrong, and told me all her degrees, and how she studied this thoroughly. My question is FROM WHAT VIEWPOINT? All the district people are acting like Stepford Wives, and ignoring teachers and their comments. We need to examine this CORE from beginning to end first hand. They aren’t providing books and materials at these meetings. Just – as one teacher commented – a CHEERLEADING SESSION ON ACCEPTING THIS. Everywhere I look (I just passed by the Canyons District Office on the way back from the dentist yesterday…) there are SPEAKERS about “CHANGE” set up to work our minds over. How about a SCOPE and SEQUENCE of what is in the Core? How about getting down to the nitty gritty and not asking teachers who have to implement this to skip the step we’ve always CAREFULLY taken before teaching something in our curriculum? What happened to those steps in our system? Where’s the research-based data on this core? Are we so anxious to just move on calling this progress for our students without examining the materials carefully that we think we can SKIP this step? What’s the scope and sequence, district leaders? Stop undermining the teachers in their jobs, and start LISTENING. To both sides – not just pro Common Core!

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