How to get rich fighting Common Core

On occasion we get an accusatory question from someone asking what we’re personally gaining from our efforts in education advocacy. What a fun rumor for proponents of Common Core to spread. I’ve got charts full of circles to share with people if any of you would like to schedule a meeting in your home and invite your friends over... ;)

This morning someone emailed us through the site asking this question and at the behest of some friends I shared this with, I’m posting it here.

“Can you give me information on what you stand to gain from this movement and insight into where funding is coming from for this movement?”

Here’s my reply which you are welcome to share with people who are SURE that we’re making money off this.

“You want information on what WE stand to gain from this movement?

Financially: we spend our own money and time (which is money) doing something we don’t want to do and aren’t paid for.

Emotionally: it would be far easier to do nothing and just take care of our own families and not stick our necks out to deal with the idiocy we deal with.

Physically: wow could we all use more sleep.

Socially: we’re polarized and have made some great friends and some terrific enemies.

Spiritually: very rewarding

Hope that helps answer your question.”

5 thoughts on “How to get rich fighting Common Core”

  1. Very well said. Because I work for Granite School District, a teacher asked why I would oppose something that I’m getting paid to be a part of. My answer to that was, “Because I can still do some good.” We do this because we love and care about our children and their future…otherwise there would be little to hope for.

  2. MY Fight is not for me, for I have no Children. My fight is for the future of ALL Children, for the Future of my Country, and my fight is this:


    Pretty simple, isn’t it? Why make it more complicated than it really is?
    Children ‘educated’ under the auspices of Common Core will be indoctrinated in all of the agenda-driven ideals of the Socialists and Educrats in Washington D.C. After being taught that energy production is killing the environment, oil drilling is killing the Earth, Christians are backwards and oppressing the masses, Big Business must pay more and more taxes, individual Freedom must be subservient to the State, the Death of the Second amendment, restricting Free speech…

    These children will graduate with these Socialist mental occlusions and go out and vote for every job-killing, business killing law and/or politician espousing Socialist ‘Justice’. They will vote to Nationalize the oil companies, the energy companies, the airlines, and every other business that Common Core indoctrinated them to believe would kill ‘Mother Earth’.

    It will culminate in the ultimate irony…they will vote themselves into Tyranny.
    Believing the Socialist drivel that society will be better without all those evil guns, they will vote themselves into submission by repealing their own Second amendment rights. That will be it. America will be Dead. We are very close to our Final Curtain.

    If Common Core Lives, Freedom Dies.

  3. I laughed when I read this! Shouldn’t the question work the other way? How much money are proponents of Common Core making of the minds of our children? Why is it that people think the only reason you would stand against tyranny is for financial gain? Where is the integrity of the populous?

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