Glenn Beck says Governors have been played

Glenn Beck did a great segment on his show this morning talking about Common Core. He’s really got a good grasp on things and recognizes this for what it is. A corporate takeover of education. School-to-work. Database tracking of our children. The people who ignore these things are either not concerned, or don’t understand history. This is the definition of fascism.

If you’ve never heard Bill Gates say in his own words what Common Core is all about, you owe it to yourself to listen to this segment. The Bill Gates segment starts around the 7:30 mark. Go to 13:15 for where Glenn says governors have been played. They think they came up with this idea but its been around for decades and just got slipped in in a way they think it was state led.

Listen to Glenn here:


Common Core is not about education; it's about creating a uniform market.



One thought on “Glenn Beck says Governors have been played”

  1. When the American people wake up and realize that they at war on them and the children! Do not think that these corporate communists are going to back down!

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