Extreme Common Core Exams

Dozens of New York city principals have signed an article the Washington Post published regarding the extreme Common Core assessments. Here’s a clip that says it all.


“Even if these tests were assessing students’ performance on tasks aligned with the Common Core Standards, the testing sessions—two weeks of three consecutive days of 90-minute (and longer for some) periods—were unnecessarily long, requiring more stamina for a 10-year-old special education student than of a high school student taking an SAT exam. Yet, for some sections of the exams, the time was insufficient for the length of the test. When groups of parents, teachers and principals recently shared students’ experiences in their schools, especially during the ELA exams with misjudged timing expectations, we learned that frustration, despondency, and even crying were common reactions among students. The extremes were  unprecedented: vomiting, nosebleeds, suicidal ideation, and even hospitalization.


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  1. I’ve gone on written, public speaking and television record in regards to how devastating Common Core testing will be for a significant portion of school aged children and teens in the state of Utah. USOE’s worship of testing has little to do with “improved standards & education” and all to do with lining the pockets of government and various state
    Vendor’s pockets. In addition to the psychological trauma caused by this worship, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that that a large portion of the test results will be invalid and/or inaccurate.

    Time to stop the madness Utah.

    Oak Norton a “Tea Party Nutbag”? Nope, Oak Norton is a community hero.

    Keep on trucking brother….our clinic has your (scientific) back.

  2. Thanks for the input.
    Our daughter this May 2013 “flunked” the system, was 1.75 credits short of graduating; Why? Much was “runaround” by her counselor…”Packets” he said was what she needed. She waited 3 weeks for packet textbook to arrive but toward the end Islam studies were predominant over Christianity so her dad asked her to drop out of it…Then on campus class–accounting, her teacher “locked” homework so she could never catch up at home, gaver her an F for a supposed “High school level course.” The textbook is marked 21 Century, words of progressivism, global, minority tolerance are in the pages. Is teaching Corporate taxroll bookkeeping “basic and High School level”? Is there an agenda to purposely fail these kids so that parents will grab at a newer program like COmmon core? According to the upcoming July 16th meeting bet. state school board and legislators, their 38 page “brochure” states “as of 2012, only (only?) 43% of Utah adults had postsec…certificate or degree.” When I asked the teacher why the failing grade? Her reply was the Accounting was “basic,” “High school level,” and that she “would never leave the work of teaching your own children, encouraging greatness and caring for them emotionally up to the public school system.”
    Frustrated by February the last semester of her senior year, we went before the counselor who proposed that she chose the alternative–off campus EHS four remaining classes to regain credit. PEOPLE, THIS IS INDEPENDENT STUDY. My daughter desperately needed a tutor by her side every moment! Another Surprise–after you sign in– a 90% passing grade is required in all of the classes. If she didn’t pass 1/3 of the questions were changed. She had to hunt herself online for answers and retake test after test. After 9 quizzes for her Health never going over a score of 21 correct out of 25 questions she quit. A US history teacher interpreted one of my (yes the mother’s email) emails very wrongly and emailed back my daughter with her response “you’re rude and sarcastic.” The counselor’s original deadline to complete EHS of August 1 was replaced by EHS’s email with a June 24th deadline. Frustrated, despondent, angry, depression all ensued. How can students pass On campus with a D and yet EHS requires 90%. Why the separation of policies by all these groups–EHS, Adult High, on campus packets– who claim to be functioning under the same State Dept of Ed? One cannot override the other, etc. Confusion! sounds like a Humanist agenda to us!!
    Your state legislator should have this 38 page brochure; the Promises to Keep are LIES! and an agenda to tax the people yet again. I AM ENLISTED IN this cause to defend the Constitution. Join Eagle Forum!

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