Dr. Duke Pesta on CC Math

Here’s an excellent little video from Dr. Duke Pesta on Common Core math. At one point I think he says a particular aspect of the curriculum is being used in dozens of schools, but I think he’s talking about a local school district, because the constructivist approach is being used all over, especially Utah.

One thought on “Dr. Duke Pesta on CC Math”

  1. What an example of bullying by administrators and teachers. Why stick with changing calling teachers to facilitators. Just change the title to “been bought and paid for.” This is all being done by bullies who enforce by threat of “we will we take away your pay and flush you out of the system.” Where is the integrity?
    Don’t worry about offending any one in the system because if they are not standing up to the system like Dr.Pesta their name is just “been bought and paid for” or bully, are declaring by their actions that they no longer have a life to be offended.
    It is time to show courage and stand up to the bullies.

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