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Dr. Duke Pesta on the Dangers of Government Schools

Dr. Duke Pesta spoke at the Newquist breakfast event on 9/30/17 and gave an incredible presentation on Common Core and the dangers in and coming to public schools. Please watch this important presentation and then go register for the 2017 Agency-Based Education conference where among other inspiring presentations, you can see if home schooling is right for your family and how to get started. If not home schooling, there are loads of other options including Freedom Project Education (online private school) which Dr. Pesta works for, and many more.

11 thoughts on “Dr. Duke Pesta on the Dangers of Government Schools”

  1. nearly everyone makes long video presentations. I can read about 7x to 10x faster than a person can talk. Can we find some way to transcript this talk, rather than me taking all that time to listen and watch the video? I have lots of people shoving videos at me now, so do I stay up at 3 am in the morning to watch?

    1. Youtube lets you watch videos at 2x speed, but that’s about all I can do to help. Dr. Pesta didn’t speak from a prepared speech. He’s given over 600 speeches on Common Core so he’s well familiar with his subject material.

  2. He also speaks very fast in this video. He’s obviously trying to pack as much in as he can. Very important information that is very much worth you time to listen to! Listen while driving or cleaning.

  3. Thank you for this video. For years I have had little red flags go off, but hadn’t been able to put my finger on it. This is the push I needed to take my kids out of school. And finally, after this video, my spouse is on board as well. Thank you for saving 4 kids and our family from this.

    1. CMK, I strongly encourage you to sign up for this year’s Agency-Based Education conference. The afternoon workshop session on determining if homeschooling is right for you and how to get started will be very helpful. The rest of the conference will be inspiring as well. There are other options as well like private school, but the conference will also help you understand what to look for in a school by understanding true education principles.

    2. CMK. Can you share what dots Dr. Pesta connected for you that you hadn’t been able to put your finger on before? Your input will help this site with messaging. Thank you! All the best to you and your family in your new homeschool journey! As Oak said, the Agency-Based Ed Conference will be a great resource for parents that are ready to jump off the federal school train. Go to: http://www.agencybasededucation.org to register.

  4. Dr. Pesta is amazing! His clear, thorough, enlightening (and alarming!) presentations have been one of the chief influencers of our decision to pull our children from public school to homeschool 4 years ago, as we were witnessing first-hand the negative effects of government schools on our young children and family culture. I so appreciated the opportunity to listen to him again! Dr. Pesta has amassed years of in-depth research, for which I am grateful – I would like to share this with family and friends and include his sources for their reference. He mentions original sources in his presentation – where can I find them? Thank you!

    1. Correction: I erroneously anticipated a list of sources, but afterwards realized he presented slides and videos directly from the sources in his presentation.

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