Common Core’s Screwy Math

Problem 1: Don’t scroll down for the answer yet on how to solve this. Try to figure out the correct answer.







Problem 1 solution:  Get one of the values to 10 and then add the remaining number to get the total. So for example, you would say, “I have 8 here and 6 here. To get the 8 to 10 I would add 2. That means I have to subtract 2 from the 6 so it’s 4. So I have 10 and 4 which add to 14.”

Very intuitive, no? Try another.

Problem 2: Don’t scroll down for the answer.









I told you not to scroll down for the answer. Welcome to constructivist math.

Memorizing basic facts is evil and too tedious for children. This will no doubt build a deeper understanding as children struggle to understand math.

Dr. Gary Thompson and Ed Flint should have no problem supporting themselves in the future.

8 thoughts on “Common Core’s Screwy Math”

  1. Why do kids need to “get a ten” to do math??? To help kids with their homework we, as parents, will have to sit in class with them to learn it! This is ridiculous.

  2. I taught this concept last year in first grade. It is very confusing for many children! The reasoning behind it is to get them to see groups of 10. The world functions on base 10 and when they finally get it, it does make adding easier. BUT it isn’t developmentally appropriate for a 6-7 year old! They work with two sided counters to do the work in class. The dark ones are red and the light ones are yellow. First graders should be manipulating their way through math to understand concepts taught. But moving from manipulation to such abstract “paper work” is so wrong! Multiple choice answers are so hard to chose from! And the poor parents who try to decipher this stuff when the child brings homework home…without the manipulatives! I’m sorry that ANY school district thinks this is appropriate material. Our district adopted this math without even piloting it!….district wide! And who suffers? The children! The teacher! AND the parents!

    1. District wide without even piloting it… Sounds like Alpine School District’s grand fail when they experimented with Investigations math… I know you’re not in ASD either. This is a state fail. I put the blame at least half on the state office of education, and then half on your district school board members for being uninvolved and listening to “experts” at the USOE and in the district tell them they’ve studied the issue and determined this was best. It never changes…

  3. We memorized adding and subtracting each number 0-10 and it has made a world of difference in my life in adding/subtracting all sizes of numbers. I can add/subtract numbers faster than most people I know. This is a JOKE…

  4. This is ridiculous. No wonder we have so many kids that ski school, and/or drop out. Goodness gracious. What has our educational system come to? This is just horrible. Good job government for messing up our childrens’ educational system!

  5. Heavens, thanks to investigations math in Alpine School district, I had to re-teach (teach) my kids how to do basic math once they got to Jr. High. They were not taught how to do multiplications and divisions. These same kids would then comment about once they got to high school how kids who moved from other states would get frustrated with kids who came through the school system here because the math teachers would always have to “back up” to teach basic math skills NOT covered properly in elementary. I despise common core math. When I help my youngest with math questions like the above examples, I am just blown away at the craziness of the whole thing.

  6. My granddaughter (10th grade) lives with us and she struggles with this math. Her math teacher is very supportive of the students and agrees with the insanity of this program. He (teacher) was given the core test for the students to study, however, at the last moment the test was changed. As a result most of the students FAILED the test….
    Other examples of the IDIOCY that is “the systematic dumbing down of our children” is the failure to teach penmanship (written) and the re-written version of history being taught that portrays our country’s notable figures/heroes as being evil, beginning with Christopher Columbus.
    The State of Utah Board of Education has to shoulder most of the blame….plus the Governor AND the local school boards….SHAMEFUL

  7. I saw the video on what they’re trying to do with this and it seems like we already do it. Whenever I’m working with more complicated numbers I do the tens and then the units first if I’m working in my head. It seems like they’re introducing really complex math to teach a really simple concept that they’d do naturally. I’m 16 and I can just about work this out but it seems a bit excessive to do this.

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