Common Core Sting

We’ve been saying this for years, but now it’s on record. In a newly released video by Project Veritas, they caught an account manager for Houghton-Mifflin saying she hates kids and Common Core is all about selling books and making money.  Reminiscent of the Planned Parenthood videos, Project Veritas says more videos are coming to establish the fact that this wasn’t just a single incident but a pattern across the industry. I will continue to post the additional videos Project Veritas has filmed for easy reference.

3 thoughts on “Common Core Sting”

  1. Stick with exposing the states that are rebranding. Because they will say they got rid of CC but I can tell you they are only rebranding because they know the feds will only approve CC aligned standards. And when we find out what they are doing we are going for their jugular.

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