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  1. Can’t wait for this update on where we are at, as we oppose making our school children “common” with this Obama Core initiative. I know what’s happening in Utah, but I am very interested in where other States stand on this problem.

  2. Please remember to bring your friends, family and neighbors and pack your cars. Many teachers and parents have not heard the full implication of what Common Core is all about. If you’ve only gone to your local school district presentation or read their letters about Common Core being state led and having higher standards, you are not getting the full story and should be at this meeting to hear how this new Utah law will affect your children and your rights. We’re looking forward to a packed house! Here’s a 13min segment from Rod Arquette’s show on Friday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY0ns3N1EpE&feature=youtu.be

  3. Thank you for the excellent and informative public forum on Tuesday night. The things that were shared are just a fraction of the information, and there is much to do to protect the education of our children and grandchildren. We must share our concerns not only with our legislators, but also with friends and neighbors. We cannot remain silent!

  4. At the meeting, it was mentioned that the forum would be available on-line. How and where can we access that presentation? Thanks

  5. noun
    [mass noun]
    the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue:
    his campaign for re-election was based on fearmongering and deception

    Please stop with the conspiracy theories and fearmongering. The creators of the Common Core are not “out to get” you or your children. Having recently moved to Utah from Colorado, I can see what a great benefit a common core would be for my children. Their teachers in Colorado have already begun implementing the new standards, and they love them. Raising standards, and streamlining between states, is NOT a bad thing!!!

    1. Linda ,
      we can all have opinions, but some of us look at the facts backed up by documents and credible sources. It isn’t hard to find these. your mary sunshine act here on this blog belies the fact that you are giddy about the common core. because if you like it so much then why are you defending it, why are you posting? you have what you want, your kids are going to get the “great benefit” and
      ” streamlining between states”, so why waste your time here? and why do you care about streamlining of states, that is not what I would consider a priority for my children’s education.
      if you have spoken to your children’s teachers you would know that many think it is horrible. My 5th graders teacher told me yesterday in confidence she would not recommend anyone to go into teaching because of this. And the thousand of master teachers Obama wants to teach the new teachers will be this crowd:

      you sound like a troll, just sayin.

  6. Linda,
    We can all have our opinions whether Common Core is good or bad for our children, but the facts shown on this website are referenced to officially signed documents and cannot be refuted. The USOE has many claims on their website, in their speeches and in fliers, but you’ll notice none of their claims are backed up with referenced facts. They want us to believe their claims without offering proof. This is contrary to good education practices and people should call them on it. A good teacher would never allow a research paper to be turned in without proper references and proof. Hundreds of people have done their homework on this and have come to the same conclusions. Don’t take our word or the education establishment’s word for it. Please look at the documentation. Trusting in our public officials is not good enough. Many of them have not done the research, but have only trusted in others. We’ve done the work. So have the experts. So has Sutherland Institute, Pioneer Institute, and many others. We encourage everyone to do their own homework and look at all sides before coming to a conclusion out of emotion, fear, tradition or trust in others. Thank you for your comments.

  7. The Common Core standards are only sixty-six pages long, and I’ve read those. The idea that there is anything contained there that would “cherrfully push our nation to destruction” is absolute twaddle. It’s raising the standards across the land and making them uniform, which most of the civilized world already does. The standards contain a good dose of common sense and educators throughout Utah — the ones who read, anyway — support them wholeheartedly. If you disagree, please cite which of those standards give any support at all to your view that it’s all somehow a Communist plot. If you think it is, you really do have too much time on your hands.

    1. we are not paid trolls ” linda”, we are parents who are reading the documents and seeing first hand what really is going on. using an antiquated word like twaddle may make you think you apppear homespun but it is likely that you are an activist sent here to this blog to agitate. just sayin. If not, you may want to check out some of the myriad pro-common core sites because there you will find like minded people to share with.

      Trivial or foolish speech or writing; nonsense.
      Talk or write in a trivial or foolish way.
      noun. piffle – gab – nonsense – poppycock
      verb. prate – chatter – waffle – babble – jabber – piffle

  8. Who said this is a communist plot Linda? Have you been listening to the USOE set up straw man arguments against the real facts? Do your own homework. Look at the massive violations of privacy. Look at the quality of the standards. Look at the agenda behind them to nationalize education and take local control away from schools and districts. It’s all there if you do a little reading. I suggest starting with the recent post from Christel Swasey responding to Brenda Hales. It’s full of references.

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