6 thoughts on “Common Core Movie – Building the Machine”

  1. This is exactly what needs to be presented to the public as often as possible. This administration does not want anyone to know the real truth and trying to grab power every chance they get. We the People need to be vocal and protect our freedoms that fre being shredded daily by the Obama administration and the Far LEFT agenda. Honesty is the best policy and this President has no integrity because he misleades from the start and people think it is a problem to counter his doings because he is black. It is not a matter of racism, it is a matter of right and wrong! Our children deserve more than they are getting and Washington needs to change and get back to People representation and not special groups.

  2. I am so glad that this movie is coming out. I only pray that millions of people will be able to hear about it as well as see it. Most people are sleeping and this is too vital not to address.

  3. t is parents and competent teachers who are associated with the students on a daily basis, who are the ones who can adjust to each child and that child’s needs. Which paid Washington DC political appointee is it, who is qualified to decide what your child needs? Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen and not in the school. Who wants the people who set up Obama care to decide the future of our youth? Think about it.

  4. I live and work in an agricultural community where a large numbers of students move with their parents to harvest the crops. In this situation, when testing comes about, students are in the classroom testing even though they were not there for the test preparation training. Other students who were there may move on before the tests are conducted. Due to the fluctuations of student enrollment, an instructor in my area should not be evaluated based on student test scores. This is one of the major goals of Common Core.

    1. I spoke with a non-ag community teacher on Friday who expressed a lot of concern that she is going to be evaluated on how well her students perform on a test she can’t see or preview so she’s not even sure exactly what is going to be on the test. It’s extremely unfair to teachers.

    2. It is not a major goal of Common Core. So we change the entire system for millions if chikdren for a minority of children? Those parents can hone school or supplement their children at home. Education is the parents job not the government. Common Core is not about education just as Obamacare is not about healthcare. CC is about control and indoctrination. You need to do more deep research before you make unfounded generalizations. Only 1.7% of children between the ages of 5-17 move to a new state. Most movement is within the same state. Prior to CC a state had consistent standards throughout the state.

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