Mom vs. Dad

Common Core Math: Is Mom > or < Dad?

An alert parent in Alpine School District sent me this assignment for her junior high school child, obviously from the collection of “real-life problems” students should work on related to mathematical inequalities. I’m sure glad to see items 4-6 below are subjective because that’s what math is really all about. What do you feel good about? Then lets get children picking sides between their parents. What could possibly go wrong? Thank you Utah school board for adopting us into this nonsense! Time for a change of board members!

Mom vs. Dad

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  1. This is horrible. This is not a popularity contest. Stop confusing these kids and realize we need to work together. Not make the absentee rate go up. Our kids are stressed out enough.

  2. During the campaign, Herbert asked the school board to figure out how we could exit Common Core. (Regrettably) Governor Herbert, what have they done to accomplish this and may we please see their findings?

  3. Don’t you see the psychological classifying going on here???

    Someone is trying to differentiate whether the child has a more scientific slant or a more artistic slant. Science (based in fact) versus English (highly subjective), or P.E. (games based on rules) versus Art (highly creative with few rules). Moms are considered to be more ’emotional’ while dads are considered to be more ‘pragmatic.’ Which, dear child, do you like better?

    This is not about math at all. This is outright evidence of student profiling, done in the name of classifying which career that student would best succeed at.

    If this type of profiling (and sharing of information on students) is allowed to continue, students will eventually be ASSIGNED a career (and educational path) rather than being allowed to choose for themselves which career and educational path they want to take.

    This has got to stop!!!

    1. You nailed it! Oucome based indoctrination for placement into the GLOBAL market. Bill Gates’ corporate cronies are all excited.

  4. #3 isn’t even an inequality and an “=” sign is not an optional answer. Good way to have every kid in class come ask for clarification. Makes you wonder about the education of those who wrote the questions.

    1. It’s a pretty standard question to help children understand greater/less than or equal to (gte/lte). In that case, either gte or lte are correct answers.

  5. This is part of the newer common core standards which rolled out October 3, 2016 officially. It will now officially be taught in Utah. It is now important to add in some material about student FEELINGS. In addition, teachers cannot mark an answer in math wrong, but instead must write, “In my opinion, the answer would be —–.” Math is just opinion now. This is so messed up! They truly want kids who understand nothing about numbers. They want a generation of uneducated people they can take advantage of to their heart’s delight!

    HOMESCHOOL NOW! You cannot wait for it to be fixed. It will only get worse! Your kids will be adults and then your grandkids will get an even worse education! Homeschool! I know it is hard, but you can do it! You can do hard things! Do the harder right!

  6. From the perspective of a student:

    I’m a 10th grader with Asperger’s Syndrome. I have been opted out of SAGE testing (yes, I know SAGE and Common Core aren’t the same thing), and have attempted to avoid Pearson altogether. I have been confronted with two issues in my Physics class:

    1. The acceleration of objects on Earth due to gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. We have been told that this Physics class is a “conceptual Physics class”, so accuracy is not necessary. We have been told to round it to 10 m/s^2, rather than 9.8 m/s^2, and rounding before you are finished with the equation can cause very large inaccuracies. My answers are marked wrong when I am MORE correct than the answer key. Either you actually get the answer wrong, or your answer is marked wrong. Usually this wouldn’t get on people’s nerves, but having Asperger’s Syndrome, it’s UNBEARABLE. I’m still fighting, and still saying g = 9.8 m/s^2, hoping a change will be made. MY efforts are probably in vain, but I’m not going to stop.

    2. There has been a lot of speculation that Common Core phrases their problems the way they do because they want everybody to think exactly the same way. Here is pretty solid evidence that this is true. I will solve the following equation the way you should before and after Common Core.

    Calculate the distance a rock has fallen in freefall once dropped off the Empire State Building after seven seconds.
    Remember that d = 0.5 * g * t^2

    Before Common Core:
    0.5 * 9.8 * 49 = 240.1 meters

    After Common Core (showing all work that is required to be shown):
    d = ?
    g = 10 m/s^2 (<– I hate this, should be 9.8)
    t = 7 s
    d = 0.5 * g * t^2
    d = 0.5 * (10) * (7)^2
    d = 0.5 * (10) * (49)
    d = 5 * 49
    d = 245 meters

    Luckily, we didn't have to show the box method multiplication. If we did, I probably would have thrown up.

    This is the ONLY way you are allowed to do the problem. If you use any other method, even if you get it right (or, more right, in my case), it is marked wrong.

    Please save our education, I don't want to waste 33 hours of my life every week not learning anything. I'd much rather work towards building the skills for a future job. The only reason I haven't been home schooled or taken the GED is because my parents don't want to deal with me at home. They are also anti-Common Core, but still use the school as a daycare center.

    While all the other students at school say it's just a conspiracy theory, they need help too, they just don't know it yet. If anything can be done, even just to lessen the pain, please do so.

    Thank you.

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