2024 Utah State Board of Education Races

UPDATED 2/24/2024 to put this list of top candidates at the top of this post.

District 3 Rod Hall (Brent’s seat)

District 7 Kris Kimball (Molly’s seat)

District 9 Natalie Cline

District 10 Monica Wilbur (Matt’s seat)

District 12 Cole Kelley (Jim’s seat)

District 13 Alyson Robertson or Cari Bartholomew (Randy’s seat)

District 15 Joann Brinton (Kristin’s seat)



This week at the state board meeting, 8 of 15 members voted to not overturn a rule (R277-328) the board previously adopted which is now in violation of state law (https://le.utah.gov/~2023/bills/static/HB0427.html).

R277-328 is a pro-Critical Race Theory (CRT) rule (more here: https://utahed.info/328-2/). It was originally drafted with the title “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Learning Standards”. The final draft wound up titled “Educational Equity in Schools.” (https://schools.utah.gov/administrativerules/_administrative_rules_/_public_hearings/_2021/2021R277328.pdf)

“DEI” for diversity, equity, and inclusion, is a push for CRT.

In reality, diversity means homogeneity, equity means inequity, and inclusion means exclusion. Everything is determined by the ones writing the rules and that means those looking for something other than academic achievement and common sense.

The 8 members who voted to maintain the indoctrination rule are:

*Brent Strate (seat 3)*
LeAnn Wood (seat 4)
Sarah Reale (seat 5)
*Carol Lear (seat 6)*
*Molly Hart (seat 7)*
Cindy Davis (seat 11)
*Randy Boothe (seat 13)*

*Kristan Norton (seat 15)*

* Up for election in 2024 (https://vote.utah.gov/2024-candidate-filings/)

Brent, Molly, Randy, and Kristan, all face challenges from candidates I believe will do a much better job. I recognize several of the challengers names and I am so grateful they are running.

The caucus system will reject these 4, but unfortunately, they have indicated they will do signature gathering and try to dupe conservative voters into absentmindedly signing petitions under the guise of “don’t you want a chance to vote for all the qualified candidates on the ballot? This candidate might not be able to have their voice heard without your help…” And other such nonsense.

If they had a message that resonated with their political party base, take it to them and let the elected representatives of their neighborhoods vote for the candidate that best represents their area. Utah is one of the best managed states under this system and it’s time we brought management of our schools fully under the caucus system instead of special interest groups.

Among the other 7 who thankfully voted to repeal the rule, these 3 are also up for re-election: Matt Hymas (seat 10), James Moss (seat 12), and Natalie Cline (seat 9).

Natalie needs no introduction here as she has been a strong voice for parental rights and is clearly the one to vote for in her race.

Utah’s school children wither under the influence of toxic DEI/CRT nonsense. Parental rights are being stripped away. Get informed on the races in your area and get involved so you can help effect positive change at the state school board (and watch your local races too.)

When the county and state conventions convene to determine the candidates that will be on the ballot, I will update this post to share the candidates to vote for.

This is the year to run as a delegate and help make a difference in our state school board and other offices.

Right of Conscience – HB 348 Participation Waiver Amendments

Parents, this is critical information you must understand to protect your family.

You and your children have a right to conscience that has not always been respected in our public education system.

This past legislative session, HB 348, Participation Waiver Amendments, was sponsored by Representative Cheryl Acton and Senator Mike Kennedy. It does something amazing in protecting families from those times when a student in class feels something is violating their belief system. They now have an out.

However, the key to this bill is GETTING EDUCATED ON HOW IT WORKS.

It’s really simple, but if you don’t know it exists, you can’t use it.

Know your rights and protect your family.


If you are faced with an issue where the school violates your or your child’s rights, send an email to board@schools.utah.gov AND audit@schools.utah.gov. The audit address is for the state office to investigate, and the board address is to make sure the state board knows an infraction has occurred.

3 things to get educated:


1) I have made a video with State board member Natalie Cline, Monica Wilbur from HigherGround.work, and myself discussing this bill and how it works. Please watch it here:


2) Here are handouts Representative Acton passed out for Q&A to help everyone understand the bill and alleviate concerns.

The bill passed in the Senate on a unanimous vote 27-0-2. In the House it was 51-17-7. Governor Cox signed the bill. It’s law.

Waivers of participation Q and A

Waivers of participation reference FINAL

The Law

3) Here is a link to the bill but I’m also including the text so you can read it here. The protections I have colored red. Use this code language and reference any time a school issue arises to show officials that you understand your rights and they must back down.


If you’re unfamiliar with reading a bill, strikeout text is being removed from code and underlined text is added by the bill.

House Bill 348








Chief Sponsor: Cheryl K. Acton


Senate Sponsor: Michael S. Kennedy


8     General Description:
9          This bill clarifies how a school responds when a student refrains from participation in
10     school due to a student’s or a student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This bill:
13          ▸     defines terms;
14          ▸     clarifies how a school responds when a student refrains from participation in school
15     due to a student’s or a student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience,
16     consistent with Utah Constitution, Article I, Section 4;
17          ▸     grants the State Board of Education rulemaking authority; and
18          ▸     makes technical and conforming changes.
19     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
20          None
21     Other Special Clauses:
22          None
23     Utah Code Sections Affected:
24     AMENDS:
25          53G-10-203, as renumbered and amended by Laws of Utah 2018, Chapter 3
26          53G-10-205, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2019, Chapter 293

28     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
29          Section 1. Section 53G-10-203 is amended to read:

30          53G-10-203. Expressions of belief — Discretionary time.
31          (1) Expression of personal beliefs by a student participating in school-directed
32     curricula or activities may not be prohibited or penalized unless the expression unreasonably
33     interferes with order or discipline, threatens the well-being of persons or property, or violates
34     concepts of civility or propriety appropriate to a school setting.
35          (2) (a) As used in this section, “discretionary time” means noninstructional time during
36     which a student is free to pursue personal interests.
37          (b) Free exercise of voluntary religious practice or freedom of speech by students
38     during discretionary time shall not be denied unless the conduct unreasonably interferes with
39     the ability of school officials to maintain order and discipline, unreasonably endangers persons
40     or property, or violates concepts of civility or propriety appropriate to a school setting.
41          (3) Any limitation under [Sections 53G-10-203 and 53G-10-205] this section on
42     student expression, practice, or conduct shall be by the least restrictive means necessary to
43     satisfy the school’s interests [as stated in those sections], or to satisfy another specifically
44     identified compelling governmental interest.
45          Section 2. Section 53G-10-205 is amended to read:
46          53G-10-205. Waivers of participation.
47          (1) As used in this section[, “school”]:
48          (a) “School” means a public school.
49          (b) “Student” means a public school student in kindergarten through grade 12.
50          [(2) If a parent of a student, or a secondary student, determines that the student’s
51     participation in a portion of the curriculum or in an activity would require the student to affirm
52     or deny a religious belief or right of conscience, or engage or refrain from engaging in a
53     practice forbidden or required in the exercise of a religious right or right of conscience, the
54     parent or the secondary student may request:]
55          [(a) a waiver of the requirement to participate; or]
56          [(b) a reasonable alternative that requires reasonably equivalent performance by the
57     student of the secular objectives of the curriculum or activity in question.]

58          [(3)] (2) (a) In accordance with Utah Constitution, Article I, Section 4, a student may
59     refrain from participation in any aspect of school that violates a religious belief or right of
60     conscience of the student.
61          (b) A school may not, in any aspect of school:
62          (i) require or incentivize a student to affirm or deny the student’s or the student’s
63     parent’s religious belief or right of conscience;
64          (ii) engage a student in a practice that violates or is contrary to the student’s or the
65     student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience; or
66          (iii) penalize or discriminate against a student for refraining from participation due to
67     the student’s or the student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience.
68          (3) [The school shall] When a student refrains from participating in any aspect of
69     school that violates the student’s or the student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience,
70     the school:
71          (a) shall promptly notify [a] the student’s parent [if the secondary student makes a
72     request under Subsection (2).];
73          (b) may offer an alternative that does not violate the student’s or the student’s parent’s
74     religious belief or right of conscience; and
75          (c) may not require the student or the student’s parent to explain, defend, or justify the
76     student’s or the student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience.
77          (4) A student’s parent may waive the student’s participation in any aspect of school that
78     violates the student’s or the student’s parent’s religious belief or right of conscience.
79          (5) In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the
80     state board shall make rules consistent with this section.
81          [(4) If a request is made under Subsection (2), the school shall:]
82          [(a) waive the participation requirement;]
83          [(b) provide a reasonable alternative to the requirement; or]
84          [(c) notify the requesting party that participation is required.]
85          [(5) The school shall ensure that the provisions of Subsection 53G-10-203(3) are met

86     in connection with any required participation under Subsection (4)(c).]
87          [(6) A student’s academic or citizenship performance may not be penalized if the
88     secondary student or the student’s parent chooses to exercise a religious right or right of
89     conscience in accordance with the provisions of this section.]




Child Coerced into Secret Sexuality Club

Please watch the Glenn Beck video below. Have a very serious conversation with your child and find out what influences are affecting them at their school.

There is a war on parents in our public schools and parents need to find a way to get their children out of toxic environments. The problem is recognizing it’s actually happening right here in “conservative” Utah. Nobody takes action until it’s necessary and they recognize a problem, which means it’s often too late and damage is done.

Davis School District just fought to keep the book “Red Hood” in schools. I couldn’t even read this whole excerpt it’s so shocking. It’s x-rated explicit and being delivered to minors IN UTAH. There are many examples surfacing now of pornographic material being given to our children.

This mom in a Las Vegas school district had her microphone turned off for reading an excerpt from one book to a school board. She was quoting from an assignment her daughter was REQUIRED to do.

Another example that made national news, a Utah teacher in Lehi is on leave after indoctrinating 4th graders on the queer lifestyle.

7th graders in a Salt Lake City middle school were required to take notes on all the different kinds of genders and sexes (beyond male and female).

This war on parents has been going on for decades. A true effort to separate children from parents and get them to adopt a completely different set of values from what their parents have.

You will be shocked by some of the quotes on this page like these:

Public education has served as a check on the power of parents, and this is another powerful reason for maintaining it.”
– John Goodlad, Developing Democratic Character in the Young, pg. 165

“Most youth still hold the same values of their parents… if we do not alter this pattern, if we don’t resocialize, our system will decay.”
– John Goodlad, Schooling for the Future, Issue #9, 1971

John Goodlad is a nationally prominent educator and was HIRED BY BYU. He worked there for a few years in the early 1980’s and then left to start a National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER). BYU’s education department was one of 11 colleges that became founding members and Goodlad was CLEARLY ANTI-FAMILY. BYU’s affiliation with his network continued until 2010 (when we pressured them enough to leave it) and every year’s conference was on topics like social justice and how to put the gay agenda in classrooms. BYU even HOSTED the 2006 NNER conference.

If you don’t think this influence has affected our schools in Utah, you are gravely mistaken.

Today’s rising generation is in a danger zone and so are many teachers who are trying to resist and do their best under hostile working conditions. Both students and many teachers are in a combat zone.

Unless we re-establish the fact that schools should solely teach academics and stay away from beliefs and actually get rid of the indoctrination and teachers pushing it, we are going to lose more and more children while parents are unaware of what’s happening out of sight.

What’s Really Happening in Murray City School District?

If you want to know what some teachers are inflicting on children to confuse them about gender and sex, here’s your dose of reality from right here in Utah, brought to you by these two fine ladies you should vote for in upcoming election races:

Laurel Fetzer (running for state school board seat 5 covering Murray, South Salt Lake, Glendale, and part of West Valley)

April Wilde Despain (running for Murray school district seat 3)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

2022 School Board Candidates

Below you will find candidates to support for the State School Board and the following school districts:


The Alpine school district candidates I have personally spoken to.

The others for Provo & Nebo were endorsed at the GOP county convention when hundreds of delegates got to talk with and endorse the candidates if a clear majority chose to.

Davis were recommended to me by a trusted individual and they are below the Utah county districts.

If you don’t see someone listed that you think should be on the list, or you have vetted another school district, leave a comment below to suggest it and I will consider adding their names to the list.

This is your link to find your state board seat district you live in.


State School Board Candidates to Support

Seat 1 – Jennie Earl

Email: earldistrict1@gmail.com


Seat 2 – Joe Kerry

Email: josephkerryutah@gmail.com


Seat 4 – Melanie Mortensen

Capitol Hill East to City Creek, West through the North end of Rose Park, North through Davis County to Gentile Street in Layton

Website: www.VoteMelanie.org
Email: Melanie@VoteMelanie.org
FB: www.facebook.com/VoteMelanieMortensen
Phone: 801-898-1323

Meet Melanie

Watch Video in Browser

Video on Facebook to Watch and Share


Seat 5 – Laurel Fetzer

Murray, South Salt Lake, Glendale, and a big part of West Valley

Website: www.voteLaurel.org

Email: vote4laurel@gmail.com

Phone: 385-743-1755

Meet Laurel

Watch Video in Browser

Video on Facebook to Watch and Share


Seat 6 – Melanie Monestere

Website: https://melanieforutah.com

Email: melaniemonestere@yahoo.com

Phone: 801-898-1323


Seat 8 – Christina Boggess

Website: https://christinaboggess.com

Email: cboggess@pm.me

Phone: 801-872-3249


Seat 11 – Kim DelGrosso

Pleasant Grove, Highland, Cedar Hills, Alpine, Lehi, American Fork, parts of Herriman, parts of Bluffdale, and parts of Draper.

Web: www.KimDelGrosso.com

FB: Fb.com/KimForUtahSchools

Email: Kim@Kimdelgrosso.com

Phone number: 801-420-4018

Meet Kim

Watch Video in Browser

Video on Facebook to Watch and Share


Seat 14 – Emily Green

Website: https://voteemilygreen.com

Phone: 435-938-2652

Email: emily.green.k12@gmail.com



Alpine School District

Seat 1 – Julie King (Unopposed)


Seat 2 – Charles Wood (in Primary with Joylin Lincoln and others)

Saratoga Springs and West Lehi

Website: https://chuck.school

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chuckforschools

Phone: 801-367-6164

Email: chuck@lostjungles.com

Meet Charles

Watch Video in Browser

Video on Facebook to Watch and Share


Seat 2 – Joylin Lincoln (in Primary with Charles Wood and others)

Saratoga Springs and West Lehi

FB: Facebook.com/joylin.lincoln

Email: Joylinlincoln@gmail.com

Phone: 801-367-8191

Watch Video in Browser

Video on Facebook to Watch and Share

Seat 4 – Sarah Beeson is the new pick

Lana Nelson – eliminated in primary


Seat 7 – Cole Kelley

West Orem & Vineyard

Web: MrColeKelley.com

Email: mrcolekelley@gmail.com

Facebook: Cole Kelley Alpine Board of Education https://www.facebook.com/groups/344372721040403

Phone: 801-830-4191

Meet Cole

Watch Video in Browser

Video on Facebook to Watch and Share


Provo District – Utah County GOP Endorsements

School Board District 1 – Emily Clark

School Board District 2 – Denice Roney

School Board District 3 – No Endorsement

School Board District 4 – REMOVED


Nebo District – Utah County GOP Endorsements

School Board District 2 – Kristen Betts

School Board District 4 – Ben Woodward (constitutional libertarian not registered as a Republican so the GOP didn’t endorse him but he stands for the right things)

School Board District 5 – No Endorsement


Davis District

Jen Savage running in District 3:





Derek E. Lamb running in District 5:




Jenny Stoker running in District 6:

Vote For Jenny (votejennystoker.com)




Wendy Likert is running in District 7:

Wendy T Likert for Davis School District (wendyfordsd.com)





Project Groomer – Know what’s happening in public schools

Yes this is happening everywhere including Utah. CRT, SEL, CSE, and other garbage is taught right here in Utah. Children are tracked, teachers are indoctrinating, and students’ lives are being turned against their parents. Every school that embraces equity, inclusivity, and diversity programs, is engaged in this effort.

Watch this now, probably without kids in the room. Academics are dead, America has been turned by Leftists to sexual deviancy ripening us for the judgements of God. Pray that America repents and reverses this dangerous course.

For example, in Seattle, math isn’t taught from an academic standpoint anymore. It’s all SEL/CRT based. The 4 components or threads are:

  • Origins, identity, and agency
  • Power and Oppression
  • Reflection and Action
  • History of Resistance and Liberation

Total insanity. The future of America is one of utter desolation unless we reverse this.

Seattle math

If your school denies teaching CRT, just look for where they are teaching SEL because SEL is now completely linked to CRT. CASEL describes the purpose of education to be:


And then links CRT to SEL this way.

Transformative SEL

Bonds for the Win! How One Mom SAVED her ENTIRE School District!

This is an incredible video and story about how one mom ended mask mandates in her district. I believe the same thing may be able to be done if your child is being harmed in other ways in your school district. Watch and read below. Text below is from their YouTube video’s description.

Surety Bonds are required for every elected and appointed official throughout the United States – including, but not limited to State School Boards, Districts, Mayors, Sheriffs, and County Officials.

Website: www.BondsForTheWin.com

Telegram: https://t.me/bondsforthewin

We also have separate Telegram Groups by State: https://bondsforthewin.com/telegram-state-groups

We have made HUGE progress in Illinois! Check out how this single mom protected her 16 year old, autistic son by simply filing a claim against her superintendent’s Surety Bond.


A mother named Violet with a 16-year-old boy who has autism begged the schools to let her son have an exemption. They refused.

When forced to wear the masks he became distraught and he harmed himself so badly that he had to be hospitalized in a mental institution.

Violet obtained the bond for the superintendent of her school district. Turns out – The superintendent was carrying a $4 million liability per bond claim!!

So next Violet served the superintendent with a letter of intent to file a claim against her bond if she didn’t pull back the mask mandates, admit she was wrong, and resign within five days.

The superintendent did nothing. After day 6 Violet filed the claim against her at the bond company.

The very next day we have a recording from the lawyers who represent the district explaining that they have to get rid of the masks, all state and federal funding is BLOCKED, and the superintendent is on her own with regard to the $4 million claim!!!

They also put out a request for parent volunteers to substitute for teachers because their funding is CEASED due to an OPEN claim against them.

UPDATE: Since we created this video Violet felt bad that the teachers were out of work so she retracted the claim She assumed the Superintendent would operate on good faith But instead she reinforced mask mandates. We still have her bond Stay tuned….

DON’T LET UP ON THESE PEOPLE!!!! They have been bribed/blackmailed and they will go right back to their ways until they see a consequence for their actions.

Stay strong patriots, we might need to create a few examples of individuals who end up having to file for bankruptcy. Its a small price to pay to FREE GOD’s CHILDREN from mask slavery!!!


How to get the Surety Bonds:

1. Send a request letter directly to the public official’s email address – in many states they are each independently liable if they DO NOT provide this information upon request.

2. Call the Treasurer and find out who the bond company is – then Contact the bond company and they will send you a copy.

3. Get a copy of the bond at the probate office, which is where they’re kept according to many state laws.

4. Contact the Sheriff and ask him to go down to the district office with you – if he won’t help, try to go after his bond, once you have it, demand that he help you.

5. Ask constitutional sheriffs who they are bonded with and then call the company and request the bonds for every sheriff in your state. Sheriffs are MORE POWERFUL than you think. They have complete jurisdiction over your county, even over the Police Departments.

6. Call the State Board of Education and tell them you want to start a new school, ask them if you need to be licensed, bonded and insured and get the list of companies you can use to set that up. Most states only have 1 or 2 bond companies. Then call each company and request the bonds under FOIA for every district.

7. Start a group in your state in order to share paperwork and strategies. These companies are experts at playing cat and mouse. If you don’t ask for this information with specific language they feel they are not violating the law by denying your request. But once you find a strategy and verbiage that works it’s likely to work throughout your state.

8. Some bonds are burred in insurance policies, If you get the policy, but you don’t know how to read it contact us via our website and we will help. https://www.bondsforthewin.com

Say No to Summit Learning Systems

Guest Post by Jennifer Brooks

(If you live in Davis School District, sign this petition: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/davis-school-district-eliminate-summit-learning)

Summit Learning Systems

How Big Tech takes control of teaching and learning in our public schools

Utah taxpayers should say “NO” to Summit Learning, here is why.

Over the past five years Davis School district has progressively mandated Summit Learning in two High Schools and three Jr. High Schools without choice or transparency to taxpayers. This year, a new cohort of seventh graders at Mueller Park Jr. High means twelve-year-old’s I dearly love, hate learning with Summit. Summit Learning has no place in our public schools.

I’m an educator with twenty-five years of experience and several degrees, I read educational research as a hobby. I knew everything that was wrong the Summit Learning model. I didn’t understand how bad Summit Learning was until recently. Much of this article is informed by the National Education Policy Center’s Report on Summit Learning.

Summit Learning – Complete capture of your public schools by Big Tech

In 2015 a few online learning charter schools named, Summit Public Schools caught the imagination and funding of Big Tech. Since 2015, Summit Public Schools (SPS) has received philanthropic funding totaling at least $177.6 million. Donors include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Silicon Schools Fund, the Silicon Valley Community Fund, Meg Whitman, and the XQ Institute. The Hechinger Report shows the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) alone committed $142.1 million to SPS since 2016. CZI website reports providing $48.8 million to SPS between 2016 and 2020 and $40 million to T.L.P. Education, a non-profit which fronts Summit Learning, between 2018 and 2020.  In-kind donations by Facebook developed the marketing strategy and engineered the platform for SPS to become Summit Learning.

The CZI, a for profit LLC, aggressively markets Summit Learning to public school districts through Gradient Learning, a non-profit which allows districts to bypass state privacy and curriculum adoption laws.  Districts quietly “partner” with Summit Learning. In doing so they offer up control of learning and teaching to Summit Learning. Yes, District leaders are choosing this for your child. The Participation Requirements a district must accept to “partner” with Summit are staggering. https://www.summitlearning.org/join-us/program-requirementsThese requirements make it clear, Taxpayers do not have local control with Summit Learning. This explains the lack of transparency when adopting Summit.

Once a “partner,” Summit Learning controls and dictates public school schedules, bi-yearly, MAP assessments (on the taxpayer’s dime). Summit requires districts use their Summit grading system for an entire Summit school or grade, making it difficult to compare Summit student achievement to traditional students within a district. Teachers are trained by Summit Learning to facilitate Summit and direct students on the platform instead of leading the classroom with proven pedagogy and instructing on content. Administrators are trained in Summit promotional rhetoric and check-in, two hours weekly with a Summit rep. All student learning is dictated, controlled and data mined by Summit including student-centered learning, project-based assignments, learning standards, content and curriculum in math, science, English and history, they call it the four-core. Summit is written from California and Oregon standards, the eighth and ninth worst schools in the nation.  Utah schools are tenth best (according to U.S. News and World Report). Summit standards include the CRT, LBGTQ and social justice themes which is not core content. These social themes are driving ideals on the Gradient Learning website.

Data Privacy contracts grant Gradient Learning access and use of de-identified student data in perpetuity, which the CZI can convert to re-identifiable data.  Contracts signed in 2018-2019 explicitly provide SPS to use de-identified student data “for any lawful purpose” (the same language appears in  the current Data Privacy Addendum on the Summit Learning website). By extension, this means that the CZI, its technology partner, may also access de-identified student data to use in any way it wishes in perpetuity. Uses may include analyzing data for insights about student learning and psychology using big data statistical methods and selling it to third parties in perpetuity. 

Reimagining education to increase control and profits for Big Tech at the cost of children’s growth and success

Summit Learning is not innovative or progressive, it is not a proven model and taxpayers are not resistant to change for rejecting its rhetoric. We know bad education when we see it. Summit Learning brings no empirical data to support its multitude of claims on student success. Summit refuses to participate in large scale educational research, a huge red flag. The “Science of Summit” document is ‘rooted in science,’ offering circular logic, rhetoric, and personal anecdotes, but no data. Most concerning for our children, Summit Learning has packaged together the least effective learning and teaching strategies for students, according to decades of mainstream research.  These failed strategies posture students for the least success with learning. Learning is more difficult using Summit.  If you are an underserved student, have an IEP, 405, are a poor reader or an ESL student, all the cards are stacked against your success when using Summit Learning.

Farmington High School Students claim they become expert at manipulating the platform to complete their work and receive points with little learning. Further, the lowest performing students at Farmington get all the attention from the teacher to help them pass while higher performing students are ignored. This is a poor, inequitable education model that only benefits Big Tech.

Personalized Learning adoption opens the door for Big Tech platforms

A June 2017 report to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative outlined public relations efforts to create social conditions amenable to widespread adoption of personalized learning. The report described the marketing efforts as part of a strategy to create “one consistent narrative” promoting a positive answer to the question of “Does Summit Learning work?”

Big Tech aggressively markets the ill-defined, unproven ideal of personalized learning to school district leaders, not because it is effective, but because it leads to 1:1 learning in public classrooms.

Public Schools were created to offer equitable content and skills to many children from differing backgrounds through direct instruction and quality feedback from professional educators using quality curriculum and daily practice. When public schools implement well defined, actionable, proven strategies, they can measurably improve student achievement, despite a student’s social-economic background. Summit Learning drives schools away from proven, high performing models of education, master teachers and proven curriculum.

The narrative that “Summit Learning works” is embraced by district leaders, who promote Summit Learning as an effective “whole school reform” to school board members and educators within their district. Summit’s slick rhetoric, seen in their YouTube videos, is used to train District leaders, administrators and teachers to become salesmen for Summit Learning. They no longer focus on the job of educating students in math, English, factual history, science and formal learning skills based on proven models. They are pushing Summit and endlessly trying to make it work. It does not work.

There are additional concerns with the dangers of excessive screen time to the mental and emotional health of students. Then there’s Summit’s easily manipulated computerized curriculum, that has not been adopted by state law or aligned to standards. Summit’s curriculum is governed by algorithms which are proven to reflect the bias of the creator. Summit states online tools can be, “manipulated and changed easily. We know, they can promote a narrative, or they can cancel ideas all together.  There is no oversight of Summit Learning’s centrally programmed course content.

Utah Taxpayers should say “NO” to Summit Learning, Especially, Davis County taxpayers.

We can and should constantly improve our public schools by looking to proven models.  Education is the great equalizer; it can lift every child. This is not the goal of Summit Learning.

Summit Learning is at the cost of educational excellence.  It’s at the cost of proven teaching and learning strategies. It’s at the cost of local control. It’s at the cost of our children’s privacy.  It’s at the cost of our children’s mental health. It’s at the cost of training master teachers and using proven, state vetted curriculum with oversight.  It’s at the cost of student’s growth, their success and ultimately their self-esteem.  It is at the cost of taxpayers.

Davis School District currently requires Summit Learning at Farmington High School, Clearfield High School, Farmington Jr. High, Centennial Jr. High, North Davis Jr. High and Mueller Park Jr. High.


Big Claims, Little Evidence, Lots of Money: The Reality Behind the Summit Learning Program and the Push to Adopt Digital Personalized Learning Platforms

Faith Boninger,  Alex Molnar, and  Christopher Saldaña

June 25, 2020


Yes, Utah is Still on Common Core

This past week I attended the state school board meeting to support Natalie Cline and those who would speak on her behalf over the treatment she is receiving from some fellow board members and outside groups, who hate that she has the crazy belief that parents have fundamental rights over their children and a right to know what schools are teaching them.

After the public comment time, I went outside to visit with other people that had come and were holding up signs in support of Natalie. As things slowed down and people started leaving, a lady approached me and saw my classic vintage green t-shirt that reads “No More Common Core.”

She said, “I’ve worked with 5 governors in Utah, and Utah isn’t using Common Core. We have our own standards.”

I had to chuckle. She had no idea who she was talking to. I asked if she knew my name and she didn’t. I told her I ran this website and proceeded to explain that I served on the state elementary math review committee (for one meeting). We were supposed to discuss options for Utah math and I was excited to share why we should transition to California’s excellent “Green Dot” standards from 1999-2000. Instead, the state office of education representatives wouldn’t let us discuss any options to take Utah off Common Core. All they would allow in the meeting was to examine each standard and decide if the standard belonged in that grade level or should be shifted to a grade above or below. I tried to bring up the CA standards and was completely shut down by Diana Suddreth who would tolerate no discussion of moving Utah off Common Core. That’s when I saw how pointless the process was and never returned to waste my time.

This lady then immediately excused herself saying she had to go do something. I saw her a couple more times that morning as she went in and out of the building to speak with others in the crowd. Thankfully, she was wearing a name tag and I looked her up. She was president of the Utah PTA 20 years ago.

If anyone tells you Utah is not on Common Core, they are either ignorant of the facts, a liar, or a Lenin-ite useful idiot. I hope she was just ignorant.

Dr. Martell Menlove, past state superintendent acknowledged this fact in past correspondence you can read in this post: https://www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com/letter-to-dr-menlove-please-verify-utah-core-common-core/

In it he wrote in reply to an email I sent him (emphasis mine):

Mr. Norton,

The Utah State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards as Utah Core Standards in Math and English/Language Arts. I do not believe I have said anything contrary to this. If I have, I apologize.

Thanks for seeking this clarification.

As noted previously, I continue to be willing to meet with you at your convenience to hear your concerns.


Martell Menlove

From the article I just linked to, you can see a comment from Randall Lund. He went through all the standards and saw that word for word, they were the same. The only real difference is Utah added back cursive handwriting to our standards because it’s insane to remove that from education. Not only is cursive critical to brain development, but we live in Utah, genealogy capital of the world, where records are written in cursive. It took parents 8 months of effort to get the state to put those into the standards.

But, this morning just for fun, I pulled up the Utah Core standards and the national Common Core standards. I randomly picked 5th grade math to compare one section.

Here is the strand for 5th grade operations and algebraic thinking for Common Core.

Common Core 5th grade math sample

Below are the Utah core standards for this same 5th grade strand. You will see the first standard is identical except Utah has taken the bold step to remove an extra “A” from the Common Core nomenclature and simply label this a “Standard” instead of “CCSS Math Content.”

The second standard, Utah has gone to the extreme by splitting up “CCSS Math Content 5.OA.A.2” into parts “a” and “b”, but retaining the same language and examples of what a teacher is to do.

Standard 3 is completely identical.

Utah core 5th grade math sample

Yes, Utah is still on Common Core. We have never veered from the direction our overlords have desired for the children of this state and nation.

Utah Indoctrination

Unless Utah gets off federal education dollars immediately and implements true local control of education by parents at the school level, the indoctrination will continue. For a plan on how to do it, watch this: https://www.agencybasededucation.org/total-transformation-roadmap-local-control-education/

As many across the country are aware, a Lehi, Utah chemistry teacher was fire after the first day of school for going on a threatening anti-parent, pro-gay rant toward her students.


Instead of an atmosphere of inclusion and equity that left-wing teachers preach, they are the worst hypocrites for violating their own “standards.” Only when parents take control at the local level will this nonsense end by terminating teachers that can’t stick to their subject matter.

One mom in Alpine school district showed this video to her children and posted this on Facebook.

I showed this video to my 8th grade daughter who goes to Mountain Ridge. I told her that this video was making national news. She watched it, then I asked her what she thought. She said: “I don’t know why this is going viral. I hear stuff like this from my teachers all the time”.

I showed this video to my oldest who attended American Fork High School and is now at BYU. He watched it and said: “Mom, this is not new. I heard this in High School and I hear this at BYU.”

I knew snippets of their experiences, but now I am painfully aware that this mentality has permeated our local schools. I am sick about it.
That is 100% believable. BYU is one of the worst offenders for social justice and political correctness. Their education department actively promotes this garbage including through math.
Another mom just sent me this picture of a form her seventh grader received in an art class at the new Viewpoint Middle School in Lehi.
(Update: State Superintendent directs all Utah teachers to not ask students for pronouns as it violates federal and state law. https://www.kpcw.org/post/utah-teachers-directed-not-ask-students-pronouns#stream/0)
Pronouns on page

Protecting Our Children