And then they came for the Homeschoolers

Periodically we get an email asking how Common Core is going to affect homeschoolers. Up till now we’ve only been able to point out things like how the ACT test is being aligned with Common Core, thus signaling that everyone (including homeschoolers) will need to teach to Common Core standards in order to pass a major college entrance exam.

Now, however, the tie-ins are getting more direct.

When Utah signed onto the Race to the Top grant, we also agreed to adopt a P20 database tracking system to do in-depth tracking of our children. Utah selected and announced its partner early this year and called it, significantly, the P20w database. This database is meant to track children from preschool through college and into the workforce.

The objective is the old school-to-work agenda which was run out of town when it surfaced in the past. It’s simply central planning for society through identifying, labeling, and steering children in certain directions. And now we can see the plan is to bring homeschoolers into the tracking system.

The good folks that run the ROPE (Restore Oklahoma Public Education) group have found a presentation online that was from the 2011 CCSSO National Conference. CCSSO is the Council of Chief State Superintendents Organization, which is the partner organization with the National Governor’s Association which claim to have developed Common Core together. The group doing this presentation is HumRRO (Human Resources Research Organization).

In this presentation, they now admit that they want to bring homeschoolers into this database, I’m sure for research purposes, of course…

Their presentation is here and slide 35 specifically mentions homeschoolers.

Recommendations from the P-20 Data Coordinating Council

Further recommendations for the P-20 Data System:

  • Incorporate teacher preparation attributes (e.g.,certification type, school of origin) into the data system.
  • Incorporate analysis and business management tools into the system
  • Implement greater interactive reporting capabilities to respond to a range of stakeholders.
  • Include student groups not now included (e.g.,home-schooled) in the data system
  • Complete basic policies such as data use/access protocols, data quality standards and governance

It’s not hard to understand that once you have data, you want to have ways to slice and dice it, and do further analysis. They are definitely headed in this direction. The more information which they may find fascinating about your children, the more this database will expand because it will have everything on children from around the nation.

Just this one slide above opens up new questions about who the “range of stakeholders” will be? What greater capabilities does this need? When will private schoolers be brought into the database through force of government?

The excellent documentation gathered by ROPE on privacy issues can be read here.

Pages 8 & 9 of their document show some of the data points that are to be gathered on children including birthmark, blood type, dental prosthetics, weight, weight at birth, and voting status. These screenshots show what the site used to display, but it has been whitewashed now to not display these factors. A while back I reported on this database intrusion showing they also had tracking factors such as what time your child gets on the bus, compulsory attendance status, religious consideration, and the number of decayed teeth your child has.

How is workforce defined? From the Illinois Data System design document it says:

The term workforce is defined as consisting of the workers engaged in a specific activity, business or industry or the number of workers who are available to be assigned to any purpose as in a nation’s workforce.

The public workforce system is a network of federal, state, and local offices that function to support economic expansion and facilitate the development United States workforce. The system is designed to create partnership with employers, educators, and community leaders in order to foster economic development and high-growth opportunities in regional economies so that businesses find qualified workers to meet their present and future workforce needs. (Emphasis added)

I think Homeschoolers should be lobbying state legislators to offer them some protections from any intrusion into tracking anything about what their children are learning. For that matter, I think it would be a good thing to back out of the P20w database tracking altogether. Why incur the expenses of tracking our children in this way when we didn’t get any federal funds anyway? Our children are tracked plenty at the local level. There’s no need to participate in a system that facilitates national collection of our children’s personally identifiable information.

8 thoughts on “And then they came for the Homeschoolers”

  1. What a clever way to eventually deter homeschooling…make the college entrance exam an extension of Common Core. They must be intimidated by the high ACT/SAT scores homeschoolers tend to achieve. My son got a perfect 36 on all four sections which landed him a Hinckley Scholarship to BYU. Now it will be much more difficult to achieve a good score if you aren’t adopting Common Core into your homeschool. Will colleges go for this? Do they want the exam to change according to Common Core?

  2. Good point. If Universities align ACT and SAT to common core, they are being bullied by the government and by corporations! If Universities are controlled by the government and by corporations, why attend?

    1. Why even attend college? Because it’s all about the $$ and this administration wants everyone the opportunity to go to college, even if that means dumbing down the ACT/SAT to allow those to enter…get this…even for a job postion as janitor, who may want to be a supervisor someday. No longer will the opportunity to “move up” be based on work experience, good job skills, but by an associates degree. Whudda thunk we’d need a degree to clean a toilet?

      I wonder if I could convince my husband, that I can’t clean the house anymore, because I don’t have a degree in custodial management? ;-D

    2. This is part of the larger takeover of public education by those who would turn our tax dollars that should be spent in our classrooms into their inflated compensation packages and shareholders profits. Our children and their schools are nothing more than a commodity to the carpet bagging corporate reform types, the CCSS pushers. They have the mentality of the slaughterhouse owner: “We use everything but the squeal.” They have infiltrated the gov’t to use our resources against us just like the 9/11 hijackers did. Also, I wonder if home schoolers have heard about this idiotic aspect of the common BORE

  3. I think all Americans should contact Congress and the Senate and put a stop to CC. They have given themselves the right not only to collect student data, but also to sell it. I can’t think of anything more un-American!!!

  4. All homeschoolers and Christians and freedom lovers need to be on alert and get the word out that we will not comply with such statist and unBiblical if not unConstitutional legislation as the Common Core. Parents are responsible for the education of their children not the Federal government. The book of Revelation speaks about the Beast and this represents the political powers wherever they exist whether the United States or Europe which wage war against the saints. The false prophet is the false religion of humanism, a man centered, ungodly and demonic deception which also aligns itself with the state. If you’re going to a local church that is 501c3 incorporated then you’ve already submitted to a non-Christian church which aligns itself with the state without even realizing it. Your local church is being controled by the Federal government and your church has entered into a third party contract with the state. It has lost its ecclesiastical jurisdiction to speak out against matters of public policy such as U. S. wars against other countries, the New World Order (World Government) abortion, same sex marriage and much else besides. The sad fact is that 90% of local churches are 501c3 and these think that Romans 13 means they have to obey almost everything their government tells them. Such are the deceived souls and families of these churches, most of which I imagine send their children to state/gov’t/public schools to be taught humanism which they decry verbally but practice experientially. See for more information on this important subject. You can also check out my many videos on
    typing in LAStreetPreacher.

  5. My teen is struggling with depression and anxiety attending public schools.
    Currently enrolled in Canyons School District -Utah and wants to be homeschooled/packets then attend another day in classes. What are my options for pulling out of public school system for 11th grade?


    1. I would start with these two posts Shamey. If you have more questions, I would contact Kristen Chevrier through her blog (link in the homeschooling article) and consider attending the Agency Based Education conference in November where Kristen is one of the speakers on getting started homeschooling. (

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