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Tired of the propaganda influencing your neighbors? Help spread the truth about Common Core with this flier. It’s a half-page, two-sided flier with the contents below. Print out front and back copies, cut them in half, and distribute them in your neighborhoods and help wake people up to what the Common Core agenda is really about.

Open the Common Core Flier #1 by clicking here


By 2014 you may have
no say in your children’s education

What happens when a typical busy parent forces herself to research Common Core State Education Standards?

Read Alyson William’s excellent article here:

Here are some facts about Common Core:

  • Common Core ignores your child’s uniqueness
  • Common Core strips away local control of education, leaving you with no say in standards or curriculum
  • Common Core puts your child in a national database for cradle to grave tracking
  • Common Core will prepare your child for technical school, but not all colleges
  • Common Core math standards are lower than our old standards
  • Common Core English standards reduce great literature reading in high school English classes to less than 50% of reading, while over 50% is for “informational texts”
  • Common Core was not “state led” or “internationally benchmarked”
  • The players behind Common Core are large corporations aiming to massively grow profits by getting all students on the exact same new learning schedule. You could rename this Corporate Core.

If the patients in a hospital are being poisoned by the latest wonder drug, do you keep on using it because you bought a huge supply which would now be wasted?


What are Utah Teachers saying about Common Core?

Jane Robbins (American Principles Institute) videos explaining Common Core (5 videos – 30 min. total)

The death of math in Utah by Oak Norton

The Common Core Implementation Timeline

Mom and teacher Christel Swasey’s detailed article on the background and agenda of Common Core:

Alisa Ellis’ video presentation (40 min.) tying Common Core to a global agenda:

Renee Braddy reveals the real purpose behind Common Core in Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s own words:

Think you’re safe because you home-school? Think again:

Tell Utah lawmakers you want out, and sign the Petition to Exit Common Core here:

2 thoughts on “Common Core Flier”

  1. Just a suggestion for clarity and increased support:
    I’m new to this movement but have been in journalism and communication throughout my career.
    You might find it useful to identify all aconyms you use in exposing CORE by revealing the full title in the first usage of every article. For a first-timer, you’ve caught my attention. But you lose me very quickly with all the acronyms involved here.
    You can’t expect people be supportive when they have to work hard to get the relatively easy and scary message you’re sending.
    Jerry Young

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