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I’ve received so many emails this week it’s hard to keep track of everything. I decided to just put a bunch of the unique articles here as a hodge-podge. Enjoy! Or maybe “Don’t Panic” would be more appropriate, especially if it was typed in large, friendly letters…

Governor appoints Tami Pyfer, Common Core Proponent, to be education advisor


Common Core Rebranding Effort


We’ve already seen this in Utah early on where the USOE started lying to people by saying “we don’t have Common Core, we have the Utah Core.” It’s pretty blatant around the country.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) used an executive order to strip the name “Common Core” from the state’s new math and reading standards for public schools. In the Hawkeye State, the same standards are now called “The Iowa Core.” And in Florida, lawmakers want to delete “Common Core” from official documents and replace it with the cheerier-sounding “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.”

In the face of growing opposition to the Common Core State Standards – a set of K-12 educational guidelines adopted by most of the country – officials in a handful of states are worried that the brand is already tainted. They’re keeping the standards but slapping on fresh names they hope will have greater public appeal.

At a recent meeting of the Council of Chief State School Officers, one of the organizations that helped create the standards, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R) urged state education leaders to ditch the “Common Core” name, noting that it had become “toxic.”

“Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat,” said Huckabee, now the host of a Fox News talk show and a supporter of the standards.

David Coleman, President of the College Board, Architect of Common Core, loves that data

David Coleman, architect of Common Core, identifies the Common Core data collection policy as positive because of all the data mining they can do to make decisions from, including development of its economic justice project, the Access to Rigor Campaign.


Tracking & Classifying Our Children From Pre-K To College

As time goes on, more people are waking up. This time from New York’s implementation of the P20-W database which Utah already has.

Common Core State Standards and Autistic Students—The Shoe Doesn’t Fit


Diane Ravitch: Everything you need to know about Common Core


The Core of Common Core Exposed by Cherilyn Eagar


The push for more school has arrived

This article says how staying in school longer is a key to good health!


This one says the normal school day is insufficient to properly implement Common Core. Sort of reminds me of the “if we just had a little more control we could fully implement [fill in the blank] correctly.”



“The children belong to all of us”

Gotta love this clip. I find it fascinating that so many pro-Common Core people promote the lie that people against Common Core don’t want standards. It’s those “fringe voices about federalism and states’ rights” that are driving the anti-Common Core movement. Listen to Mr. Harvard spew forth one lie after another.


Principal Tim Farley speaks out

“I think the standards are developmentally inappropriate especially at the younger grades”

“I’d like to see Common Core eliminated from the schools and let the professionals make those decisions.”


Senator Lindsay Graham to introduce a bill to stop national curriculum


Calls to Curb Common Core in Tennessee Legislature


Kentucky is pulling out of PARCC which drops PARCC states down to 17


New Hampshire schools struggling with SBAC assessments. Teachers and principals complain.


Kansas senator running bill to keep education local and stop the feds from forcing education standards on the states.




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