2020 Utah State School Board Races

We have invited all state board candidates (and some district candidates) to fill out our survey of questions. You can see their responses here.

In the 2020 primary races happening right now, these are the candidates we believe are most firmly committed to getting rid of Common Core (standards, assessments, data collection and privacy violations). That’s not to say their opponents wouldn’t make good board members, but they have not indicated the firmest levels of commitment to these things and to help restore true local control of education. For the race in Southern Utah (seat 15), some people like Kristen Norton a lot. You can read her and Scott’s responses on the survey and make up your own mind.  Having spoken with both of them, I like both candidates a lot. They each have positive traits and good qualities, but I believe Scott is more up to speed on issues of concern and more fully committed to getting rid of the Common Core agenda.

Addendum: 6/19/20

Before voting for a candidate, you should ask them where they stand on Black Lives Matter understanding that they have a goal to destroy the American way of life. BLM is a money funnel to the Democratic party. If you click the donate button on the BLM website, it takes you to Actblue.com to collect your donation. If you look them up here: (https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/expenditures.php?cycle=2020&cmte=C00401224) you will see their top 10 expenditures are hundreds of millions of dollars to Democratic campaigns.

You should also ask them if they believe Utah is still on Common Core or not. If they do not believe that, they haven’t looked close enough.

Utah State School Board Election Candidates in the June Primary

State Board District 4: K’Leena Furniss (Layton, Clearfield, Syracuse, https://www.facebook.com/kfurnissSBE/)

State Board District 10: David Linford (Sandy, Draper, Cottonwood Heights, https://www.facebook.com/DavidLinfordforUtahStateSchoolBoard/)

State Board District 13: Alyson Williams (Provo through Spanish Fork, https://www.facebook.com/VoteAlysonWilliams/)

State Board District 15: Scott Smith (St. George/Cedar City, http://www.4scottsmith.com/, https://www.facebook.com/Elect-Scott-F-Smith-107758570855515/)

November ballot choices for Utah state school board elections

These are the other candidates not in the June primary (they’ve already made it through their party race) to vote for in the November election. Please like their Facebook pages and if you are in their areas, offer to help them gear up for the November election.

State Board District 3: Matt Hymas (West Valley, Tooele, Nephi (big Western area), https://www.facebook.com/matthymasforschoolboard/)

State Board District 11: Natalie Cline (South Jordan, Riverton, Bluffdale, https://www.facebook.com/NatalieJCline/)

State Board District 12: James Moss (Heber City, Coalville, Vernal, https://www.facebook.com/JamesRMossJr/)

7 thoughts on “2020 Utah State School Board Races”

  1. Hi I live in Logan and will help out in anyway to get people elected who stop common core and every program under the guise of helping our kiddy’s. Let us have back the real education they’re supposed to be teaching.

    1. Not sure. If you want to take that district on and invite all the candidates to take the questionnaire that would be helpful for others.

  2. Thank you for showing your true colors as a racist organization “Before voting for a candidate, you should ask them where they stand on Black Lives Matter understanding that they have a goal to destroy the American way of life”

    You have just saved me and many others the time in considering the credibility of your website and campaign. As a Republican, and a man of faith, I am shocked that such a narrow minded and racist view point is held by a group of “educators”.

    1. Hi Brian, have you ever looked into the tenets of Marxism? Have you looked at the policies of Black Lives Matter? Do you know how they are funded and what their goals are? Did you know that they were founded based on an incident (Ferguson, MO) that was incorrectly reported (https://www.prageru.com/video/the-ferguson-lie/)? I suggest you not call people racist who you don’t know and don’t understand. I think if you do a little research you’ll come to the same conclusions. If you are a conservative, and a man of faith, would you agree that statues of Christ are a form of “white supremacy” that should be torn down? BLM thinks so (https://www.foxnews.com/media/shaun-king-jesus-christ-statues-white-supremacy). The BLM founder said, “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories” (https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/06/23/black-lives-matter-marxists/). One of their stated goals as posted on the Redstate.com article is:
      “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”
      Marx was anti-family. Family is an institution that provides tradition to a nation. Can’t have that under Marxism and BLM. Honestly Brian, I respectfully request that you do some more homework on BLM. Racism is wrong no matter who is participating in it. Social justice is wrong because it denies God’s justice in favor of envy, greed, and revenge. This is a great piece by Thomas Sowell on “Cosmic Justice” if you want to read it. http://tsowell.com/spquestc.html
      If you want to overcome racism you don’t do it by tearing down others. You do it peacefully like MLK did. The problem is, that’s not the Marxist way. Marxism wants violent revolution in the streets to overthrow the established practices of a nation. To eliminate law enforcement and put their own thugs in control. Communist rule is never about equality. It’s about control and the people at the top make the money, while those they promise equality to are left in the dust. Some people are “more equal” than others.
      ADDENDUM: Here’s a news link where one leader in BLM says they may just have to burn the system down to restore things the way it ought to be and calls Jesus a black revolutionary. This is a revolution and if it isn’t checked, will bring America to her knees and lead to tremendous suffering on a scale unimaginable by people across this nation.

      1. As usual, Oak, you answer intelligently and respectfully. Thank you. I have been SO BUSY being home and improving and landscaping I really am happy to have some WET DAYS to catch up. Looks like our State School Board has no vacancies in Cache or Box Elder – which is not a District NUMBER I realize, but I agree that if we CAN we must help the districts needing replacements and members voted in to get EDUCATED people who understand what’s happening to our children because of common core. I don’t know what I might do to help. We are so confined! But after attending the Board Meeting quite awhile ago about the Health Education (disguising Sex Education) directives to teachers I am appalled there aren’t more parents on the news really upset about those.

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