2014 Caucus Flier

Attending caucus this week? Grab this pdf and make copies for your precinct. There are thousands of precincts around the state and tons of people are attending caucus meetings. This is a great opportunity to educate people about Common Core. This flier is more tuned in to a GOP message than Democrats or other parties, FYI.

http://www.utahdemocrats.org/caucusnight (Tuesday, March 18th)

http://www.utgop.org/utgop.asp (Thursday, March 20th)

http://www.constitutionpartyofutah.com/calendar/ (Thursday, March 27th)


Caucus Flier 2014 (PDF)


I received an email from someone who pointed out something inspiring which I’ll share here:

“In short, the fact that there are so many school board seats open in Utah County that are unopposed is completely sad.  For every person who thinks they can’t run, I’m here to beg you to do it anyway.  Call every, single person that you know in those areas and beg them to run.  If you don’t know anyone, then Facebook it.  The reality is the biggest, best, and most effective way for anyone to impact education, even with the centralization that we have, would be to ‘en masse’ get different school board members in, locally.  We have seen the legislature will never act without backing from the local boards.  The State Board has no motivation (and the reality is it is too far away from the people to be accountable with the amount of power it possesses) to change.  But even if no one wins.  Even if the people reject the message of local control, it does move the needle.  It shows that every person needs to be involved and responsible.  At the very least, local school board elections provide a ready-made platform for issues (debate, newspapers, direct mail pieces, websites).  It allows the rest of the people to hear a different perspective other than who loves the kids most.  It allows for an opportunity to speak truth to power, and, if successful, actually change the direction of this state, more than legislation or replacing state school board members.  The rightful power over education lies in the local school boards truly representing the parents of their communities.  Until the people actually want the power back, it will continue to be centralized, concentrated and taken away from parents and local communities.  This is the line in the sand.  This is, as Gandalf says, where “You shall not pass.”  This is the opportunity to speak the truth that PARENTS must be in charge of their kids’ education.  They we can’t abdicate this responsibility to the ‘experts’.  People don’t believe it anymore.  They think their kids must get the education the experts demand.  They may feel uncomfortable with some things and not knowing what’s going on, but we have been conditioned to believe that it isn’t our responsibility.

In my opinion, there is no single issue that is more important in the next 4 days, than finding, preferably in all 41 districts, people to run.  There should be no seat that doesn’t have opposition.  I apologize again, because when I asked and cajoled about this 6 months ago, I didn’t follow up.  I didn’t feel that it was my responsibility.  But I realize that we are all in the same boat: we don’t believe it’s our job.  We hope someone will step up to the plate.

Once upon a time, in this country, public service was seen the way our culture and our religion value religious callings.  You didn’t say no, and you felt it should be shared.  Somehow, we think that running for office is something other people should do; that it takes a particular mindset or temperament; that it shouldn’t be a sacrifice.  It is service.  It’s supposed to be a sacrifice.  To quote Thomas Paine, “it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”  We who choose to live in liberty must bear the pains of supporting it.

There are 11 school board seats up in Utah County alone.  Of those 11, 2 in Provo don’t even have a candidate yet.  All but 2, are currently unopposed.  With all due respect, I can’t believe there are only 3 people in Utah County that feel the need to stand up for something other than the status quo.  We, the people, don’t deserve local control because we don’t show by our actions that we really want it.  The mindset of who should run for office needs to change, and it needs to change quickly.

We have greater potential right now, in the next 96 hours, than we’ve had in the last 2 years, of returning control of education back to the people.

If you know anyone in one of these areas, call them and ask them to run.  Don’t take no for an answer.  Please.”


4 thoughts on “2014 Caucus Flier”

  1. I found that our district seat is open to election. It is Peter Cannon’s seat. I’m guessing he will continue on in the position? It seems I’ve agreed with him on most things in the past so I don’t see a reason to file against him. The filing fee is also $50 – is that usual?

  2. Could this be a consequence of the ‘retirement’ mentality? Thinking that once we’re a certain age, we’re entitled to relax and play (maybe as long as we fit a mission in there somewhere and some temple service)?

    When I was a very young mother a few years ago, a neighbor and mentor was turning 50. I still remember the conversation we had; she said, “My goal is to make my next 50 years as valuable to the Lord as my first 50, when I was raising my children.”

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