2014 Candidate Survey Results

2014 Candidate Survey Results
2014 Candidate Survey Results

Want to see where your candidates for office are? Look here. We don’t have a ton of results yet from around the state, but we do have quite a few.



If you don’t see your candidates’ responses, please ask them to immediately take the survey here:


2014 Candidate Survey

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  1. I heard that the NEA along with the NYC School Board came out and spoke against common core as well. This is a tested and proven system of education, it was tested out years ago and was very successful in that country at that time and it served it’s purpose and I believe it to be the model of todays Common Core. The model really lasted for a while and the people loved it and they loved those administering over it as well, the model that worked so well for that country at that time was started under Hitler and the country was Germany that educated the children in a manner like unto our Common Core and it Served Hitler very well until the war broke out and then, he couldn’t afford to have children going to school so he put them to work instead. Does anyone remember anything about the “Hitler Youth Program”? What a great model to follow, if you are a communist or socialist. As for me, I am a free man and I still believe that we will again be free from socialism started here in the US but, it takes great people like those of you in here to move that work forward. I am not a politician, I am rather, a STATESMAN!
    Thank you

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