Sutherland Institute Fact Checks USOE

The Sutherland Institute has responded to a letter from Brenda Hales at the Utah State Office of Education and published their fact check agreeing and disagreeing with various points. This is an important document.

Among their statements are these clips. Further explanations are on their page than what I’m copy/pasting so I encourage you to read their writeup.

USOE: “The State Board of Education has control over the standards and assessments for Utah. The State Board can and will change them as needed without outside group or federal approval. The State Board is solely responsible for overseeing the implementation of the standards in our state.”

Rating: False, except the final sentence.

USOE: “Utah has not lost its autonomy over standards and assessments.”

Rating: False.

USOE: “The Utah core standards may be changed by the State Board at any time.”

Rating: False, unless the state exits current agreements.

USOE: “The Utah core standards are not under the control or manipulation of special interest groups.”

Rating: Somewhat false.

USOE: “The Utah core standards are not obligatory because of Utah’s NCLB flexibility request application.”

Rating: False.


One thought on “Sutherland Institute Fact Checks USOE”

  1. I can not believe that the people on the state school board provide such outdated information. Do they think the public is so ignorant that they can provide such incorrect information/lack of Common Core understanding and that we will not reply with resources to back up our findings? They have truly been brain washed. Do they think we are just going to go away? I don’t know how else to explain the blatant offense. M

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