Essay Contest: Indifference to Data Privacy

This essay contest entry by Karen Lee discusses data privacy issues.


I’m finding that people are indifferent to the problem of data privacy, figuring that they think “the Feds” have all of our information already. They feel helpless and afraid to go against “authority” and traditional educational procedures. This is exactly what “the Feds” want people to think. As people opt out of Common Core testing, Utah should focus more on who AIR is and who is controlling the content of the test items as well as having control of the Standards, the “living work” that will evolve and change over time by those in charge, “the Feds”. What has the federal government done that hasn’t turned into huge bureaucracy and a burden to the people, not to mention indoctrinating or pushing a particular agenda down our throats?

Computer Adaptive Testing WILL drive the curriculum! You should have heard Alpine School District data guy talk about how wonderful the SAGE test is going to be, especially with the interim testing (testing 3 times a year). You are kidding yourself if you don’t think the teachers will change and do whatever they can to get their students to perform well on these tests. It will reflect their ability to teach, thus changing curriculum to conform.

I wish we could be more forthright about it all and compare this process of National takeover of education to Germany and the Communists burning books and controlling what information the people learn or hear.

Have you read the book “Exiled?” It is about John Lothrop back in the early 1600’s dealing with the Church of England and the evil Bishop Laud. They threatened, tortured, mutilated, and killed those who didn’t do exactly as the Church of England dictated. There was no freedom of conscience. People were thrown into horrible prisons if they associated with Separatists or Independents, those who didn’t support the Church of England but instead wanted to study prophecies and follow their conscience relating to Christ.

Have you read it? Probably not. You can’t find this book in the libraries or even online. It is a true story about freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, fighting and sacrificing for what you believe in.

I could go on and on, but as a final thought, do you know what your children are being “forced” to read in their classes at school?

This fight against Common Core is a fight for liberty and freedom to choose. It is worth the fight and we need to help people understand that they CAN do something different than what is being asked of them by the schools. These tests are not critical to a student’s base of knowledge. They are simply a way to control the message and gain their numbers and data desired. Good teachers already know if their students are mastering the concepts taught.

by Karen Lee

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