16 year old takes down Common Core

Wow, this 16 year old in Arkansas does a great job taking down Common Core. He shows the copyright on these standards and he’s got video of the Jason Zimba testimony from the MA board meeting where he admits to Sandra Stotsky (a member of the board) that Common Core’s “college and career readiness” won’t prepare students for selective colleges. He then goes into PARCC, one of the 2 federally funded assessment consortia. He then this in to Achieve and how they want a data system (didn’t mention or maybe know that Achieve was funded by Bill Gates). Then he shows how New York and Kentucky did after a year of Common Core, on content tests, bombing, and plays the audio from the superintendent of a school district who sent an audio message out to parents announcing Common Core is hurting their children. He shows federal database website that says it’s a federally mandated database that all states will submit student information to the federal Dept. of Ed.  He shows how PARCC has signed an agreement with the feds to turn over data, (and mentions SBAC signed the same agreement which is what Utah exited last year, only to sign an agreement with AIR in January, the official SBAC partner. We need to know what AIR has signed with the feds). He shows a video clip of a man talking about pulling data from everywhere in order to “make this system work” and “this is the glue that holds everything together”. Then this man shows a slide showing a path to being a plumber or a doctor.  The 16 year old then explains the colorful chart the guy showed that all the standards can be fit to specific career paths so they can tell from the computerized tests what your child would be good at and can direct their career path. He then rips into Pearson showing how they purchased education companies, sometimes at 2 times the value of the company, in order to take out competitors, so that McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and Pearson, control nearly all the education market.  This is a great presentation.

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    1. You can click on the “YouTube” name in the bottom right corner and find the person who uploaded the video and send him/her a private message. He’s probably in Arkansas since this was an Arkansas Against CC sponsored event.

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