2020 SB Candidate Responses

As candidates for school board fill out the questionnaire, their responses will appear here. Click a name to read their detailed answers.

Name: Matt Hymas
Email: mwhymas@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/matthymasforschoolboard/
Race Type: State School Board
State Board Political Party: Republican
State School District #: 3
School District & Seat:

What is the purpose of education?

The purpose of education is to create a foundation upon which individuals can prepare for future successes in careers that support and/or strengthen our communities. Education should also prepare individuals to be strong citizens of their communities.

What is your vision of the future for education in Utah? How do we help families and children get the education they desire?

My vision is to see communities gain more control over how they educate students; including policies, procedures, and funding.

I would like to help families and children get the education they desire by doing more than focusing on the traditional public school. I would like to see the State offer additional support of charter schools, private schools, and homeschoolers.

As a school board member, you will bring to the position your own agenda you have campaigned on. What are the top 3 things you wish to see happen during your time on the board?

I would like to see local control given to districts and charters.
I would like State testing to be meaningful to schools that will give data for the school’s successes.
I would like to see meaningful feedback given to schools that is based on what the goals of the school are.

Some organizations believe members should drop all personal agenda’s when elected, how will you resolve any commitments you’ve made to voters during your campaign?

My personal agenda is to help strengthen communities in a way that benefits them. My resolve is to make changes that communities want to see.

In 2010, Utah adopted the National Common Core Standards and later adopted the national science standards. Since then, numerous data has showed that this was a step backward for education. As a state school board member, will you work to completely replace Common Core standards with something better?

Yes, completely

In recent years, Utah has adopted a number of initiatives such as computer adaptive testing through SAGE and Aspire tests. What is your vision for how testing should function in Utah schools?

Our current testing does not provide valuable information to families or schools. I do not want to give a test just to give a test. I want to offer a variety of testing that schools can choose from that will provide meaningful data so that schools can reevaluate its curriculum, teaching style, class sizes, and other needs.

Explain your position on data privacy as it relates to education? Who should have access to student information and under what kind of controls?

Families and the school the student attends should have access to student information. Schools should offer information to local officials if the data is relevant to the situation in need.

There is a push to remove Utah’s abstinence-based education and replace it with a Comprehensive Sexuality Education program for K-12. Where do you stand on this issue?

I believe it would be foolish to remove abstinence-based sex education.

What role does the federal government play in Utah schools?

The role of the federal government in schools should be to assist, not dictate.

What is your vision for technology in Utah schools, particularly with the massive cuts coming due to the Covid-19 lockdown actions depleting our resources?

I envision schools having the ability to assist in meeting the needs of students with technology so that all students have the opportunity to continue their education. This does not necessarily require schools to provide electronic devices to each student. However, schools should be aware of the needs of its students and reach out to assist families in gaining access to technology.

The State Board of Education had to recommend cuts to education funding at 2%, 5%, and 10% What would your budget cut priorities be?

I do not have enough information to answer this question appropriately. With the detriment that these cuts will bring it will take many minds and conversations.

There are many different roles in education. At the state level there are board members, the superintendent and USBE staff. In your opinion what are the differences between these roles?

In very basic terms; the board creates policy, the superintendent distributes policy, and the USBE staff enforces policy.

Utah law recognizes a fundamental liberty interest of parents in the education of their children with schools as a secondary support. As such, should Utah have a criminal compulsory education law? Please explain the reason for your answer.

Yes, children should be required to receive some sort of education, whether it is through traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, or homeschool. Education is the foundation for our economy and the strengthening of our communities.

What is your relationship to the education establishment in Utah? UEA/USBA/PTA. Have they contributed to your campaign or endorsed you in any way? (if so, how?) What schools, districts, or organization’s do you feel need represention to the state board through your efforts?

I do not have a relationship with the education establishment in Utah. They have not contributed to my campaign or endorsed me.

Rural schools, charter schools, and homeschoolers need more representation.

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