2020 SB Candidate Responses

As candidates for school board fill out the questionnaire, their responses will appear here. Click a name to read their detailed answers.

Name: Bob Webster
Phone: 8017854726
Email: websterbob801@gmail.com
Facebook Page:
Race Type: District School Board
State Board Political Party:
State School District #:
School District & Seat: Alpine seat #4 Pleasant Grove.

What is the purpose of education?

Seat #4 is being vacated

What is your vision of the future for education in Utah? How do we help families and children get the education they desire?

I have two man objectives 1 – Wean ASD from federal funds; become independent instead of dependent on DC money.
2 – Identify all cases of evolution taught in ASD curricula, and insist that the teachers be free to not teach pseudo-theories.

As a school board member, you will bring to the position your own agenda you have campaigned on. What are the top 3 things you wish to see happen during your time on the board?

1 – Wean ASD from use of federal $
2 – Free teachers from teaching evolution pseudo-theories
3 – Do 1 & 2 above in a firm but cordial manner & show that 1 & 2 are the extremist positions to remove from EDU.

Some organizations believe members should drop all personal agenda’s when elected, how will you resolve any commitments you’ve made to voters during your campaign?

My goals are my honorable rights as a citizen, and if elected, they become the goals of the majority of voters, which I will be duty-bound to pursue.

In 2010, Utah adopted the National Common Core Standards and later adopted the national science standards. Since then, numerous data has showed that this was a step backward for education. As a state school board member, will you work to completely replace Common Core standards with something better?

Yes, completely

In recent years, Utah has adopted a number of initiatives such as computer adaptive testing through SAGE and Aspire tests. What is your vision for how testing should function in Utah schools?

Testing must be honest, not leading toward a false answer, such as evolution.

Explain your position on data privacy as it relates to education? Who should have access to student information and under what kind of controls?

Parents, teachers of the students involved, Principal, ASD.

There is a push to remove Utah’s abstinence-based education and replace it with a Comprehensive Sexuality Education program for K-12. Where do you stand on this issue?

Sexual education belongs with the parents.

What role does the federal government play in Utah schools?

There is NO Constitutional authority to the federal level over education! Education is a State matter exclusively. It’s time for the State Legislatures & Governors to 1 – discontinue use of all federal funding and materials, 2 – Demand federal deletion of Educational funding or activity.

What is your vision for technology in Utah schools, particularly with the massive cuts coming due to the Covid-19 lockdown actions depleting our resources?

Restore full classroom education, without federal funds or materials. Wean State EDU from all federal involvement. It is a serious Constitutional issue. States must take the lead and make themselves independent of DC funds and materials.

The State Board of Education had to recommend cuts to education funding at 2%, 5%, and 10% What would your budget cut priorities be?

Cut all federal funds, and do our best with State funds.

There are many different roles in education. At the state level there are board members, the superintendent and USBE staff. In your opinion what are the differences between these roles?

All levels must remove federal funding and materials from the State’s exclusive Constitutional role in education.

Utah law recognizes a fundamental liberty interest of parents in the education of their children with schools as a secondary support. As such, should Utah have a criminal compulsory education law? Please explain the reason for your answer.

Parental Liberty must rule. If local neighbors want to help, OK, but no one should be compelled to attend school, or pay its costs.

What is your relationship to the education establishment in Utah? UEA/USBA/PTA. Have they contributed to your campaign or endorsed you in any way? (if so, how?) What schools, districts, or organization’s do you feel need represention to the state board through your efforts?

It’s a catch 22: Right now, the USBE approves the curricula & tells the Legislature what funding is needed, & they fund it. Who will resist use of federal funding and curricula? USBE is dominated by liberals favoring Common Core, evolution and federal funding. How can they be removed, if the voting sheep keep electing the enemies of State education?! Which legislators will fire them?

Protecting Our Children