Bill Summaries

Who filed report: Pamela Smith

Bill Number: SB101

Bill Title: High Quality School Readiness Program

Bill Grade: F

Bill Sponsors: Ann Milner

Bill Summary:

"High Quality" is a brand name. Massive movement towards Universal preschool.

Does the bill increase/decrease local control?: Anti-Local Control

How?: Government funded preschool has authority to decide if parents are fit to teach their own preschooler.

Does it increase/decrease parental rights?: Decreases Parental Rights

How?: Gives the school control over the child based on family income, housing, parental education, etc. over parental rights

Does it help/hurt children?: Hurts Children

How?: The Educational Institution will determine if parents are fit to educate their preschooler based on a parent's qualifications.

Any conflicts of interest?: Because of government funding, many home-based and private preschools couldn't compete and will go out of business.

Other comments:

A board will decide if a child needs to attend "High Quality School Readiness Program" preschool by the following factors if:
A) The individual is economically disadvantaged,
B) The individual's family is homeless;
C) An abusive adult resides in the individual's home;
D) Mental illness, or drug or alcohol abuse, exists in the individual's family
E) Either of hte individual's parents was 18 years of age or younger when the individual was born.
F) Either of the individual's parents or the individual's legal guardian has not successfully completed a high school education or equivalent
G) The individual's family frequently relocates to a new residence;
H) The individual exhibits poor social skills; or
I) Other risk factors, as determined by the board;

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