Bill Summaries

Who filed report: Jared Carman

Bill Number: HB 201


Bill Grade: F

Bill Sponsors: Poulson, Marie H.

Bill Summary:

Removes the requirement for schools to include “student achievement” in a teacher evaluation. Prohibits the inclusion of student achievement in teacher evaluations.

Does the bill increase/decrease local control?: Anti-Local Control

How?: This bill, in very broad language, prohibits administrators from including "student achievement" (by any measure) from teacher evaluations.

Does it increase/decrease parental rights?: Decreases Parental Rights

How?: Ties the hands of local administrators, who are closer to the parents than the state board is.

Does it help/hurt children?: Hurts Children

How?: This would remove, from teachers, any responsibility whatsoever for improving student achievement, by any measure..

Any conflicts of interest?: YES. The interest of the teacher is put ahead of the interest of the families they serve.

Other comments:

This bill puts the financial interests of teachers ahead of local control and educational outcomes. It prohibits local parents and administrators from finding their own ways of evaluating teacher performance.

The bill would also neutralize teacher opposition to federally-mandated high-stakes testing and leaves parents to fight that fight alone.

Protecting Our Children