Bill Summaries

Who filed report: Melissa Butler

Bill Number: HB41

Bill Title: Fee for Supplemental Hours

Bill Grade: C

Bill Sponsors: Rep Steve Eliason

Bill Summary:

The bill allows for elementary schools to provide optional extra hours for kindergarten students. They will be allowed to charge parents for these extra hours, but the cost cannot exceed the actual amount it costs them to run the program, meaning it can't operate at a profit. It also requires that a program be in place to cover the cost of the program for parents who wish their children to be in it, but who can't afford the cost.

Does the bill increase/decrease local control?: Neither


Does it increase/decrease parental rights?: Neither


Does it help/hurt children?: Neither


Any conflicts of interest?: No.

Other comments:

As long as supplemental kindergarten hours remain optional, it will neither increase or decrease parental rights. However, it will bear watching to ensure they don't require supplemental hours based on test scores, or any factors outside of parental choice.

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