Bill Summaries

Who filed report: Alyson Williams

Bill Number: SB67

Bill Title: Partnerships for Student Success Grant Program

Bill Grade: F

Bill Sponsors: Senator Millner and Representative Edwards

Bill Summary:

Ongoing annual appropriation of $5,000,000 to a grant program to integrate community resources with the schools to create a more integrated cradle to career pipeline including cross-sector data sharing. United Way is not named in the bill but testimony was from their Promise Partnership program. United Way has recently begun advising parents to sign a document waiving their child's privacy rights. This seems to be part of a national initiative to create similar "new civic infrastructures" for education reform.

Does the bill increase/decrease local control?: Anti-Local Control

How?: they’re callingThis “new” civic infrastructure can be contrasted with the “old” civic infrastructure – in which you elect legislators to allocate your tax dollars with transparency or to sit on local and state boards overseeing education programs, all with electoral accountability.

Does it increase/decrease parental rights?: Decreases Parental Rights

How?: Includes objectives for "family engagement" making parents "stakeholders" at best.

Does it help/hurt children?: Hurts Children

How?: Cradle to career data profiling.

Any conflicts of interest?:

Other comments:

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