Bill Summaries

Who filed report: Joel Zielke

Bill Number: HB 28

Bill Title: Grants For Educator Professional Learning

Bill Grade: C

Bill Sponsors: Last, Bradley G

Bill Summary:

This bill allocates $30M from the education budget to provide grants for educator professional learning. It also allows the UT state board of education to create a proposal for a statewide digital teaching and learning program.

Does the bill increase/decrease local control?: Anti-Local Control

How?: This bill allows the state board to create a "master plan" for digital teaching statewide (Line 85)

Does it increase/decrease parental rights?: Decreases Parental Rights

How?: In this bill, the state board does not need to include the input of parents in the drafting of the digital teaching "master plan".

Does it help/hurt children?: Neither


Any conflicts of interest?:

Other comments:

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