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Emails for the House and Senate Education Committees

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House Education Committee

Senate Education Committee


House Rules Committee


8 thoughts on “Committees”

  1. Oak–

    Thanks for creating this page!! This is just too convenient to write these committee members individually! I was able to email all the House committee members in less than 10 minutes. This is really easy, guys! Take 10 minutes to make a difference!

  2. Please don’t let HB 131 out of committee. This reminds me of Obama Care–that wasn’t supposed to be as expensive as it is becoming, and we were going to be able to keep our doctors, etc. We have really no idea how expensive this bill will be to implement, or if it will really make that much difference in the education of our children. We can’t be so irresponsible with education funds.

    Thank you.

  3. Make sure to include your full name and address in your email or they won’t look at them. Let’s make every email count!

  4. common core is not an improvement in the education of our children. It is an intrusion of the federal government, and indoctrination values that should be taught from the home, and regulated by state education where parents can vote for the kind of education they want their children to have, the things they want your children to be taught, and the things that teachers will teach, from a state level. We do not need a fascist government telling Utah what to teach our children, nor any other state should accept this common core education program. It is a dangerous intrusion of the federal government.

  5. $1,000,000,000.00…..Yeah….”MAGIC” money…….

    Hey, how about paper and pencil, so when the power grid goes down, OUR kids will be able to communicate……….

  6. Common Core is reminiscent of the practices the Hitler used to educate the “Hitler Youth’ just before the war began and the terrible Blitz in England. It lead to little children being taken from their homes and being told that their parents were bad and were not teaching them the truth. They were severely treated by a person whose supposed name was ‘Jesus’, then were given love and treats by a man named ‘Hitler’. Are we going to let History repeat itself to this extent. It also was the case in the communist countries. I lived through that period of time and it really did happen! Brain washed little children will never be able to recover from such an education. It is deeply ingrained in the mind. They will also be taught false principles in other areas. Knowing the marvelous well ordered world and universe we live in, in the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, I do not know how people can believe this world was created by a big bang! Explosions destroy as do such theories! These things are already being taught our youth!

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