New to Common Core?  Watch this excellent presentation on the Common Core agenda. It's a lot more than just standards.

Also watch the powerful Common Core documentary movie which the Home School Legal Defense Association just released. This 40 minute documentary gives you the inside story from the lips of those involved in the creation of Common Core.

Have you heard that the "Utah Core" isn't "Common Core"? Let the facts and Superintendent Menlove correct any misperceptions for you.

Wyoming proves the feds control education through Common Core

Wyoming hasn’t complied fast enough with Common Core requirements and are now facing  fines by the federal government. This is conclusive evidence that Common Core is not a “voluntary state-led effort” that we continue to hear from the state office of education, but an entanglement from the federal government.


It’s not too late for Utah to exit and do something superior to Common Core. Sandra Stotsky who helped set up Massachusetts’ top rated ELA standards has volunteered to write (for FREE) the very best standards in the nation for Utah, and we could easily return to our old A- rated math standards which were at least on par and in upper grades superior to Common Core’s math standards.

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