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This petition is the product of collaboration between parents, teachers, legislators, and organizations who are concerned at the lack of attention being given to a serious breach in federal law by our state officials. Please become educated on this vital issue and sign the petition to put the brakes on a federal takeover of our state education system.

2 Responses to Petition Launched

  • Thank you for making this petition.

    A month ago I knew nothing about common core, and now i realize that it’s so much more than an education initiative. it’s a sly assault on freedom made with pretty words that result in loss of local control over educational standards, testing, privacy and values.

    educational decisions are meaningless without political freedom to change those decisions as we see fit, to raise our standards even higher if we see fit, and to spend our precious educational dollars where we see fit –not as federally orchestrated mandates tell us.

    for those who like the new standards, please realize that by cutting ties to cci and SBAC, we lose nothing– the standards are in public domain and we can use whatever works for utah, but let’s do it with our own state sovereignty intact, and not under the thumb of the common core initiative.

    just say no to common core!

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