Granite School District pulls inappropriate math problems!

A victory for parents as KSL news is reporting that Granite school district has pulled a couple of the inappropriate math problems we pointed out this past week. Click the link to see the news story where the newscaster ends by saying “students won’t be traumatized by [the inappropriate math problems], only by the math itself.”

We really need to move past telling people math is hard and people can’t do it. There are plenty of examples of people that succeeded when they applied themselves. Just ask Jaime Escalante of whom the movie Stand and Deliver was made.

Granite SD spokesperson Ben Horsley mentions pulling the problems on the serial killer, and the loan shark (one we didn’t post the other day in our math propaganda article). If you live in Granite and Jordan school districts, raise your voice and have them remove the other inappropriate math problems from the book.

If you want to see someone go through several of the book examples on video, check out the YouTube video below showing several other indoctrinating questions in the textbook. However, he didn’t know Granite and Jordan school districts were 2 separate districts so forgive him for that at the beginning. He also didn’t mention the very first problem in the book is an assignment on group-think.

I have no idea who this person is as this was done independent of this website.

4 Responses to Granite School District pulls inappropriate math problems!

  • Susie says:

    I’m glad a teacher recognized that 2 of the problems were unacceptable, but I personally went through the 200+ pages of that math book and there are many other fear-mongering story problems. For example, how long does it take a whole school to be infected with the H1N1 virus after just one person infected classmates at a certain rate per day. And what about the increasing population causing a food shortage and how long will that take? What about going to a crime lord for money when you are a little short? There are many examples of green energy, carbon footprints, oil spills, Ford Focus fuel economy, battery-operated cars, not to mention the dumbed-down lonely groundhog feeling left out because his house isn’t as nice as all the others and the others tease him for being different.

    The other thing….how come parents can’t see this book online anymore? You have to have authorization now. They locked us out. How transparent is that? And they only gave credit to one of their own math teachers instead of the many parents who called and wrote in protest. No mention of them finding all these problems. I guess we can go back to sleep now. Everything has been taken care of for us.

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